Interesting: What are emotions?

“Are there any particular emotions that you want to explore?”

I’ve always thought in paradigms and memes!

Paradigm = how you perceive the real world.

Meme = the rules of thumb in how you react and process your perceptions?

My (now passed) wife taught me “loyalty” as a meme. And, “acceptance” (still not sure what that is?)

What’s “emotion”?

“love”, “hate”, “friendship”, “fraternity” … … ???

(Beats the hell out of me!)

“Fear” is emotion to expect the worse when the cop hit me with the blue lights look of a drunken drive. (He just had the wrong night?)

Is there another “architectural” construct of human beings that I am as unaware of as “Sheldon” in TBBT?



INSPIRATIONAL: Send girls to do “men’s work”!

Don’t underestimate what adrenaline can allow you to do. :-) I’m filing this one under “Women Lifting Cars Off Babies”. Two girls maybe 120# each lift a 3k# tractor or a about 12.5 times their body weight a few inches. I don’t know why they bothered to get the neighbor’s tractor, they should have just finished the job!

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