HISTORICAL: Some improvements in the last year?

 ‘2012-04-06 ?’: Took the antihistamine at 1930 Bed at 2200 Up at 0130, WC Restless up at 0145 Back at…

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Interesting. Haven’t been on antihistimes in a long time. Maybe “trimming down” made a difference. Not that I am “thin” by any stretch of the imagination. Still “young and handsome” for a grumpy fat old white guy injineer. 

Maybe it’s time for another “sprint” to lose some more weight?

Primal worked. But then I relapsed into “near primal” and “not so primal”. And, the weight loss stopped. 

BP is excellent according to Doc Otto. (Need that to complete my personal platelet challenge.)

Still blocked, writing wise. 

Maybe I just need to “Just Do It”?

It’s not like I have anything better to do.

Interesting side effect of “primal” is that I no longer drink soda. 

Water, mostly. Beer, coffee, tea, some wine from time to time. 

Off the pink stuff for the most part. 


Frustration and melancholy are my constant companions.

Oh well, on to beat my taxes into shape for the accountant. 

If there is a hell, every day will be April 15th!

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