INTERESTING: Bad strategy

Watching WOF tonight, the second place lady made at least two strategic or tactical errors.

She lost by 80$.

Earlier, after she’d won a car, she payed it safe and did not spin. She solved!

In the final puzzle, she played to solve the puzzle and gave it away early. She should have called a Z!


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INTERESTING: Brain Exercises

Brain Exercises, Not Drugs or Vitamins, Prevent Dementia: Study
Thursday, 18 Apr 2013 12:52 PM
By Nick Tate

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“We encourage researchers to consider easily accessible tools such as crossword puzzles and sudoko that have not been rigorously studied,” he added. “The studies in this review that assessed cognitive exercises used exercises that were both labor- and resource-intensive, and thus may not be applicable to most of our patients.”

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I take my vitamins and do sudoko.

Cross my fingers!

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