RANT: Looks like one of the bombs was on the “wrong side” of the security fence?

Did you see the picture of the second bomb?

INSIDE the security fence.

Where was the security for that section? Nothing is supposed to be on the secure side of that fence!!!!

They should have been on it and that would have given time for evacuation?

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LIBERTY: Keene Libertarians are targeted by FBI


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FBI Trying to Infiltrate Keene, New Hampshire

April 10, 2013 by Jason Sorens

The Keene Activity Center (KAC) is a place where (mostly) young libertarians and anarchists in Keene, New Hampshire congregate to talk philosophy, plan activism (including civil disobedience), and generally relax and socialize. Apparently the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been trying very, very hard to infiltrate the KAC, judging from this account of the arrest of one of the club’s members, Rich Paul, on marijuana charges.

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Yeah, those trouble makers who want to dislodge the Statist quo!

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