RANT: Rewriting history?


Elite Eight Basketball Player Snaps Leg in Game — See Pictures of the Pain, Teammates’ Emotion
Mar. 31, 2013 6:39pm Liz Klimas

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Sports Nation reporter Roger Sherman described the injury as looking as “horrible as soon as it happened — we’re gonna go ahead and not show it to you; it’s really not the type of injury that’s typical in a basketball game — but I think you can pretty much gauge how bad it was from the reactions of his teammates and coach Rick Pitino.”

Teammates fell on the court, wiping their eyes in emotion seeing Ware’s state. Duke players too were filled with compassion toward their opponent.

Here is footage of the scene (Note: it might be consider graphic to some):

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“No longer viewable due to a copyright claim by CBS”

So history is no longer the province of the People.

Want more proof that the Media manipulates the news?

Anyone want to claim that this is not “news” and in the public interest?

Hope the man recovers as promised, but I still object to the manipulation of history.

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RANT: More copyright diktats


U.S. Copyright Office Issues Recommendations on Sound Recordings
December 31, 2011 02:49
From District Dispatch:

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The United States Copyright Office has recommended that pre-1972 sound recordings should be protected by federal copyright law in its Report on Federal Copyright Protection for Pre-1972 Sound Recordings.

The Copyright Office ultimately decided that benefits of federalization of pre-1972 sound recordings outweighed the problems and said that federalization conformed with the intent of Congress to unify all works under one federal law.

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Clearly, when a Gooferment bureaucrat studies something, the answer is ALWAYS more regulation that will require more bureaucrats!

The consumers and the taxpayers are being <synonym for the act of procreation, past tense> by the expansion of “copyright” diktats. Could it be a payoff to Hollywood and the Administration’s allies in Big Media? The “copyright” and “patent” systems are to encourage creation and (rather quickly) have it go to the public domain for everyone’s benefit. Congress has shifted the balance way over to the creators and away from the Public. It wasn’t intended to be a lifetime paycheck for the copyright and patent holders. Note, that’s not necessarily the creators.

Look at the film “It’s a wonderful life” that escaped copyright by an error and has become a classic enriching everyone’s holidays. The Beatle’s tunes, the classic movies, and great modern literature should all be available to us.

A decade should be the absolute max.

My example is the copyright on some 60’s Beatles tunes just sold for 200M$. How is the “public good” being advanced?

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