TINFOILHAT: Voter fraud in 2012 election?


Maker of Unskewed Polls Creates ‘Obama Voter Fraud’ Map — See Which States He Thinks Should’ve Been Romney’s    Posted on November 23, 2012 at 9:15pm by Mytheos Holt

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Evidence of vote fraud is very much like that. Those who engage in it are slick and do all they can to hide it, so the evidence is often quite circumstantial. In fact, often the circumstantial evidence is all the evidence we have, such was finding tens of thousands of bogus votes in the ballot box, we didn’t see someone actually put them there, but they are found, they are there, and they are clearly evidence of vote fraud. Such is true of the voting divisions where Obama gets 100 percent of the votes cast. As if anyone REALLY believes that is legitimate.

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It’s the old joke by Stalin about who counts the vote. And, Daley who would ask: “How many do we need?”

I have ZERO confidence in the USA’s voting process until there is: (1) an irrefutable paper based process (I’m a computer geek and I know how fragile they are) and (2) an irrefutable voter identification requirement.

Then maybe we’ll get an honest count.

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Maker of Unskewed Polls Creates ‘Obama Voter Fraud’ Map — See Which States He Thinks Should’ve Been Romney’s

POLITICAL: What there’s corruption in yet another Gooferment program?


Report: How Food Stamps Benefit Corporations (EBT is Big Business)
Posted on November 17, 2012 by Nick Sorrentino

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An investigation by the Government Accountability Institute has found that:

Three companies – J.P. Morgan EFS, Affiliated Computer Services, and eFunds – provide EBT services for 49 states and 3 US territories.

Since 2004, 18 of 24 states who contract with J.P. Morgan to provide welfare benefits have contracted to pay $560,492,596.02. New York alone has a seven-year contract worth $126,394,917.

Projected average food stamp spending post-recession will be 175% greater than prerecession average spending, from $28 billion to $77 billion.Since 2009, 32 states have followed the USDA’s suggestion to use Broad Based

Categorical Eligibility “as a way to increase SNAP participation and reduce State workloads.”

Changing the rules for eligibility, along with state-level changes in

application methods, has contributed to a 70 % increase in food stamp participation from 2007 to 2011.

Lax security by EBT processors and states invites food stamp fraud, often through social media. There are understaffed fraud investigation units at both the federal and state level. For example, Florida has just 63 staff positions to police approximately 3 million EBT users state-wide. These investigators not only handle TANF and SNAP eligibility fraud, but also EBT trafficking, Social Security Disability and Medicaid eligibility fraud, Emergency Financial Assistance for Housing, and Low Income Energy assistance, among many others.

*** end quote ***

This is just no surprise. Argh! 

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RANT: Red Cross stymied by NYC Gooferment


Article – Why there are no Red Cross shelters in New York City
Posted on November 21, 2012

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But that shelter operation never came to pass, and volunteers were told that the Red Cross would not be needing shelter workers. In the meantime, images of New York City’s many devastated neighborhoods filled nightly newscasts; and the housing situation for many New Yorkers grew increasingly dire. The city has estimated that between 20,000 and 40,000 residents could be homeless or forced to live in unheated homes with no running water or power. The conditions are particularly deplorable in the high rises that dot the landscape near the waterfront in Brooklyn and Queens. About 5,200 Staten Islanders have applied for FEMA housing, but according to the New York Post only 24 or so have been placed.

Criticism has rained down on the Red Cross for not providing places for this mass of displaced people to live, but it seems that the aid organization is not permitted to set up shelters in the city due to a snarl of red tape.

*** and ***

Moral of the story is, even if there are groups predicated on disaster services, and they get to the scene, and local governemnt has plans as well, there’s no guarantee anything is going to get done. You’re far better off preparing on your own.

Which, really, brings me to something I’ve been curious about. Everyone is related to everyone in NYC. Big Catholic, Jewish, Italian, Irish families with relatives spread all over the place….why are these people not staying with relatives?

*** end quote ***

I’m not fan of “Big Charity” — Red Cross, United Way, any of the institutional charities — but I don’t fault them for not being able to get anything done

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TINFOILHAT: Another detailed look at the JFK assassination


November 22, 2012
Live at the Grassy Knoll, Dealey Plaza
Posted by Charles Burris on November 22, 2012 10:19 AM

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The Coalition on Political Assassinations will broadcast live events and presentations from their 2012 Regional Meeting in Dallas, Texas: November 22–25. Speakers include LRC contributors/Podcast interviewees Russ Baker, Peter Dale Scott, Donald Miller, Jr., Judyth Vary Baker, as well as Joan Mellen, John Judge, David Montague, Jefferson Morley, Jared Ball and Ben Rogers.

*** and ***


7:00 p.m. — David Montague (ARRB) — Records and investigation

8:00 p.m. — Robert Groden — Photographic evidence and investigations

9:00 p.m. — Donald Miller, Jr. — Pursuing Truth on the Kennedy Assassination: The Medical Evidence

*** end quote ***

Hope these show up on YouTube.

I’d have watched if I knew about it.

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POLITICAL: The total failure of the Last Responders to prevent looting


November 22, 2012
Why Did the Coverage Stop?
Posted by Lew Rockwell on November 22, 2012 09:30 PM

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Why did the insistent coverage of Sandy stop so suddenly? Because of the stupidty, hostility, arrogance, and crookery of FEMA and the rest of central, state, and local governments. and the people’s burning hatred of them in NJ and NY. Such things must not be mentioned, nor the total failure of the Last Responders to prevent looting.

{Extraneous Deleted}

*** end quote ***

I thought that the Gooferment’s politicians and bureaucrats were arrogant.

It was terrible what they did to the victims of the Hurricane.

Then there was the insult that flood insurance would only cover primary residences. (Personally, I’ve been paying for more than 30 years and never heard a whisper of that.)

A plague on all their houses.

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MONEY: Why the BND is an important exemplar in the road back to liberty

On Tuesday night’s Free Talk Live, a caller tried to make the case for the “Bank of Oregon” a la the “Bank of North Dakota”.

I thought the hosts didn’t understand the point he was making. (Yes, he made it very badly. As you would expect to a non-politician non-public speaker. Not that I’m any better. But, I think he was on to something.)

So I wrote up some stalking points and called in.

(As a long time AMPlifier and long time listener since back when the boys were in Flori-Duh fighting the good fight, I knew that they were going to be a tough “sell”. In retrospect, I should have prepped some more.)

Here are my points: 

# – # – #  

Why the Bank of North Dakota is important to secession and liberty:

(1) It’s a depository for all state tax collections and fees; The state itself and all state agencies do their banking with BND. Wrests control from politicians and their cronies on Wall Street.

(2) It plows the funds (I should have said “capital”!) back into the state in the form of infrastructure, farm, business, and student loans. Consistent with sound fiscal and banking practices.

(3) It acts as a bankers’ bank or a wholesale bank. So the BND provide services to banks, whether it’s check clearing, liquidity, or bond accounting safekeeping. It can subsitute for the Federal Reserve System. 

(4) It provides a dividend back to the state. In the case of BND that 60M$ or 50% of their annual profit. That’s profit that everywhere else goes to crony capitalism.

(5) It deprives the current Federal politicians and bureaucrats of the ability to inflate the currency. A state bank could introduce a hard currency or allow free market competition in currency. 

This could be a stepping stone to “killing” the FED. It is a way to “shrink” the problem. Replacing the FED with 50 State Banks is a good step on the road to liberty.

# – # – # 

Here’s the link to my “performance”; starts at the 1:18 mark and completes at the 1:32 mark.


I must have done well because I got a huge chink of air time. At about the 45 mark of the second hour and held over as the first bock on the third hour.

So the hosts must have found me “interesting”.

As expected Ian, who is a raving Anarcho-Capitalist, immeidately went for the jugular, that he is against ANYTHING that the government does. (Me 2, but how does one change the status quo. It took 100 years to get into this mess; it’ll take a 100 to get out. The water erodes everything by the passage of time.) Ian, a more a pragmatic libertarian, was ore open to being convinced. Initially, the third host (Stephanie?) didn’t have anything to say; she joined in later on as she got the concept. 

I never got the feeling that they were “convinced”, but they did understand that it was not the absurd idea that came across by that prior caller. Two out of three seemed to like the conversation. So it wasn’t a bad experience. Next time I do it, I’ll be better prepared.

Any way listen to me as a “talk show caller” and give me your opinion.

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Ipad1: interesting problem

I have never been happy with the “app store” concept. As usual, immoral, inefficient, and ineffective.

(this is, as readers of my blog will know, my standard meme for gripes. Stuff that’s immoral is always wrong. Ineffective is does it work. Inefficient is it easy and cheap.)

The “app store” concept is;

~ “immoral” in that it transfers control from the “buyer” to the “seller”

~ “ineffective” in that problems are insoluble; support is non-existent

~ “inefficient” in that it doesn’t work flawlessly

My current gripe is the GMAIL icon has disappeared from the front screen, but is running in the background. I get alert messages on new email.

Double clicking start does not show it in the task list.

A hard restart or a soft restart doesn’t recover it.

App store thinks it is installed.


I have had problems with app store in the past that were never solved.

Argh squared!!

Loss of control of my device annoys me.


interesting: Obamacare is NOT about h, hc, or hci; it’s about control


Obamacare’s Real Costs

November 19, 2012 by Bob Livingston

*** begin quote ***

“The Obama Care Health Care Reform Plan or Health Care For America Plan will cost the average American around $70.”–obamacarefacts.com

First of all, allow me to disabuse you of the notion that Obamacare has anything to do with “health” care. Obamacare is not about health. It’s not about lowering the cost of health insurance. And it’s not about ensuring that everyone is insured.

It is about locking more Americans into the clutches of the Big Pharma/Medical Industrial complex, providing more customers for Big Insurance and confiscating more wealth from individuals and businesses.

The American healthcare system should properly be called “sickcare.” It’s a subtle and esoteric system of population control with prescription drugs issued at the public expense by the drug cartel — the conglomerate of pharmaceutical houses.

They commit population control under the pretense of “healthcare” and make people pay for it. And this medical cartel has no legal liability. It is forced — or at least deceptive — medication. And most doctors don’t have a clue. They write prescriptions based on falsified data and kickbacks — from speaker fees and ghostwriting glowing medical reviews — without regard to whether their patients will benefit.

*** end quote ***

I too am very disillusioned with this whole discussion.

It’s NOT about “Health”, “Healthcare”, or “Healthcare Insurance”. It’s all about “control”.

“Death Panels” was a good two word summary of the Gooferment’s objective.

When we think of the drag that seniors represent in socsec, medicare, and the taxes that they don’t pay, no wonder cigarettes are legal!

The exemplar for this is the (American) Indian Healthcare, wwhere the rule is ‘don’t need anything expensive after June’. Or maybe the VA, “die”!  (Some old vets firmly believe that VA wants to kill them. And, not with kindness.)

If it was about health insurance, then it wouldn’t be tied to your employment.



POLITICAL: Voluntary?



Number 697, November 18, 2012

Letters to the Editor

Letter from A.X. Perez

Re: “Making ‘Voluntary’ Service Mandatory—One Step At A Time”, by C. Jeffery Small

*** begin quote ***

I continue to be amazed that people who call Heinlein’s Starship Troopers fascistic for suggesting that honestly voluntary service a condition of voting or holding office

*** end quote ***

What was wrong with that concept?

I always thought that this would filter out the grifters and war mongers!

Remember Heinlein’s idea was not just warriors, but all sorts of dirty dangerous jobs that make one value being part of the body politic.



POLITICAL: Raise sex; lower civii society


Posted on November 18, 2012 by keywestlou

*** begin quote ***

Book review time! I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey yesterday morning.

The book is a trilogy. The three volumes fast moving. The author is a woman. E. L. James. I specify her sex since from my perspective it is a woman’s book written by a woman.

Fifty Shades is #1 on the New York Times best seller list. It is being read world wide. Book stores keep running out.

Fifty Shades is a love novel. Again, written by a woman for women. Not generally the type of book men read. Too lovey dovey.

My sense is the book is going to raise sex to another level.

*** end quote ***

And, yet for all the development of “technical knowledge”, the civil society has more failings in all of the moral values. Just drive down the road and crazies endanger lives by poor driving technique despite having far better hardware. So to, divorce is rampant, the children are deprived, and the takers far outweigh the makers. Pop star Taylor Swift is uniquely notable because she doesn’t do slut publicly; what she does privately is her own business. Listen to any “comedian” and they’d make a Drill Sargent blush. Manhood has been reduced to a metrosexual homosexual who’s no longer needed. Womanhood has been reduced to whiny trivial want-it-all given to her. A la Sandra Flock who wants her birth control paid for by others. Our pioneer ancestors would be ashamed. Sadly, I don’t know how to fix it. So maybe we just watch it all spin crash and burn like all the empires before us. A lot of folks are going to get hurt along the way. We’ve come a long way from “You are what you produce.” A long long way.

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RANT: Twinkies die; union “wins”

Hostess, the maker of iconic treats like Twinkies, is shuttering its plants and liquidating its 82-year-old business.

A victim of changing consumer tastes, high commodity costs and strained labor relations, Hostess ultimately was brought to its knees by a national strike orchestrated by its second-largest union.


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What was the Union’s logic for this?

Now that’s a story worth reading.

Symbiotic parasites don’t kill their hosts usually.

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political: am i just being a grinch?

I was listening over the net to NJ101.5 to get info about Seaside Heights.

The Guv’s wife, Mary Pat, was on touting the Guv’s amd Ms Guv’s charity.

Now I’m sure that she’s a very nice lady, but doesn’t anyone see a “structural problem”.

The government is taking over “charity”.

In the old days, “relief societies” were formed. Fraternal organizations abounded. Churches were virogous.

I remember reading how after the Chicago fire folks were helped with loans and such. There was networking and judgement. The able body were shown were work was available. Loans were provided and paid back. The truly devastated were taken in.

So what I see is that cradle to grave, Mommy Government will take care of all your needs. Daddy Government will hand out welfare checks.

Handouts are not a hand up.

Only by affiliation can people be truly moved out of poverty. They walk out of it by their own efforts with help and guidance of good people helping. Not doing for.

Sorry, but I guess I am the modern embodiment of old Ebenezer!


MONEY: Imagine that your car insurance was tied to your job?


Retirement Plan Shift Is Creating a Generation of Workers Unable to Retire
CBS MoneyWatchBy Steve Vernon | CBS MoneyWatch – Fri, Nov 9, 2012 3:55 PM EST

*** begin quote ***

We can no longer afford to ignore the long-term consequences of short-term thinking about our retirement programs.

Yahoo! Finance/Thinkstock – We can no longer afford to ignore the long-term consequences of short-term thinking about our retirement programs.

Large U.S. employers continue to eliminate traditional pension plans that pay retired workers a monthly lifetime pension in favor of defined contribution and hybrid plans that offer lump-sum payments at retirement, according to a recent survey HR consulting firm Towers Watson.

Among Fortune 1000 companies, only 11 percent still offer a traditional pension plan to newly hired salaried workers, down from 14 percent in 2011 and continuing a long slide from 90 percent in 1985. Conversely, in 1985 only 10 percent of those companies offered only a defined contribution plan to salaried workers — today that figure stands at 70 percent.

The primary reason for this trend has been financial: Employers don’t want the exposure to unfunded liabilities if capital markets perform poorly. At the same time, until recently employees generally hadn’t expressed a preference for traditional pension plans and, in fact, have largely embraced 401(k) and other defined contribution plans.

But this trend has its consequences in the workplace, as large numbers of baby boomers have 401(k) balances that are inadequate to fund a traditional retirement. To make matters worse, most retiring workers don’t know how to turn their nest eggs into reliable retirement income. Employers also haven’t provided much help by offering retirement income options in their defined contribution plans.

*** end quote ***

Well, the Gooferment has been messing up the economy and distorting the employer – employee relationship since it first ERISA rule attempted to prevent Lockheed from stealing pension benefits from older aerospace engineers. 

They only made the problem worse.

Suppose that they stopped giving their corporate cronies tax breaks that weren’t available to individuals and let individuals fend for themselves for “benefits”, no problem.

Imagine that your car insurance was tied to your job?

It’s just dumb!

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RANT: Voting doesn’t matter; Opting out, aka secession, does

Jim Gearhardt
NJ 101.5 


I own several houses in NJ. (I’m in the process, as are many older retiring new jersey-ites, of transitioning from NJ to NH via VA. Personally I’m being driven out by the high taxes. Most notably the Inheritance Tax.) I knew when the Storms hit that the taxpayer would be paying.

Can I ask you to consider some points?

(1) Were these towns self-insuring? This may have been a decision to save money in the short-term. To spend on other priorities. Why is the taxpayer being punished for a decision that they had no input to?

(2) “No taxation without representation.” What a joke. I have a summer family property in Seaside Heights. How do I vote for lower taxes? Or about anything they decide?

(3) In the recent election, the “takers” won. People love “free” stuff. But what are they going to “take” when those that “make” stop “making”?

Sorry to sound like an old grump. I did HANJ. I did GRIP. I tea partied.

I know you say that “secession was settled by the Civil War and isn’t going to happen” is unthinkable. I would suggest individuals can secede by just not cooperating. Remember Martin Luther King and Gandhi.

“Yes. In the end, you will walk out. Because 100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians, if those Indians refuse to cooperate.” — movie Gandhi (1983)

Peaceful. Non-violent. Non-cooperation.

Sound familiar?

I have enjoyed your morning rant for many years and now listen from VA via the inet. Thanks for the shore updates. Fight the good fight.

p.s., ½ the folks don’t vote and the ½ that did vote doesn’t make a mandate. And remember if voting made any difference, they would let us do it. “Democracy” is two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner. You have demonstrated to me that VOTING in NJ is meaningless.


Ferdinand John Reinke
… a proud Virginian since March, 2012
1641 International Drive #414
Mc Lean VA 22102
(732) 798-0508
http://www.reinke.cc (Personal page)
http://www.reinkefj.com (Professional page)

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RANT: Price “gouging” in a disaster; what nonsense

Two Newark Gas Stations Accused of Price Gouging – Newark, NJ Patch



What nonsense.

There’s no such thing as “gouging”.

The marketplace always clears willing buyers and sellers.

By allowing “gouging”, the marketplace to sort who really needs gas from who REALLY REALLY needs it.

Plus, the “marketplace” has a memory. If someone “screws” me, when times normalize, then I will NEVER patronize that place again.

Gas in North Jersey should be much more expensive than gas in South Jersey. To satisfy the “extra” demand from New Yorkers, who need it more!

Maybe gas up there would float to 20$/gallon. Then the north jersey people will drive down to Central Jersey. And the price in central Jersey floats up to $10 a gallon.

And Central Jersey ites drive south for their gas.

Also the “greedy” oil companies say “I want to sell my gas for 20$/gallon”. First thing you know there’s more gas in North Jersey than they can sell.

I’m an injineer; not an economist. Them ekkynomists have all sorts of fancy names for it. I call it “common sense”. 

Of course, then we have no need for politicians and bureaucrats to “implement rationing”. Just the King’s “weights and measures” guy. We don’t even need him. The gas station that delivers a short gallon will be found out by the marketplace. Which will administer its own brand of “rough justice”.

(The buyer with his five gallon can sees that the pump says “five” but his can ain’t full. And maybe the buyer will administer some “rough justice”. Joined by everyone waiting behind him. Then, when the cops break up the fight, and non one saw anything, they can arrest the seller for fraud.)

Basically, if the gooferment prevents force or fraud, then it should allow the “invisible hand” of the marketplace to “set” the price. The marketplace will efficiently and relentlessly punish the “gougers”!


RANT: Motorcyclist faults drivers

As the voice of the loyal opposition, traversing Route 95, I see some outrageous driving by moron-o-cycles. So, I think that we should feather back the soundbites. Remember NO politician who wants to be reelected will EVER mention “retesting”. As a little L libertarian, I think the Gooferment should leave driver “licensing” and auto “registration” to the evil insurance companies. And, “no victim; no crime”. If you have an accident, then it should be restitution. Speeding tickets and red light cameras are merely about revenue; not safety. If everything the State makes illegal (e.g., seatbelts), then my generation should have ended the human race. Argh!

RANT: More Gooferment sex scandals

News Alert
from The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Tuesday asked the Senate to put on hold the confirmation of the top commander in Afghanistan, Marine Gen. John Allen, as the new NATO supreme allied commander for Europe following the discovery of allegedly inappropriate communications between the general and a Tampa social planner.

The planner, Jill Kelley, is at the center of a scandal involving Gen. Allen’s predecessor as the top coalition commander in Kabul, Gen. David Petraeus, who resigned as CIA director last week after acknowledging an extramarital affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.


# – # – #  

Isn’t amazing how these “big” smart powerful men can not control their urges?


Isn’t NATO an idea who’s time has passed any way?

And if Clinton’s affair was “OK”? Why are these any different?


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INTERESTING: Hillary Rodham Clinton has been and is running


Op-Ed Columnist
Hillary’s Next Move
Published: November 10, 2012

Times Topic: Hillary Rodham Clinton

*** begin quote ***

“Maybe I’ll get a decorating show,” said Hillary Clinton.

It was a few weeks before the election. Clinton was flying back from an overnight trip to Peru, talking — without any great enthusiasm — about the topic that would begin to obsess the American political world as soon as the presidential ballots had been counted: Will Hillary run in 2016?

*** end quote ***

# – # – #  

She’s the obvious candidate. 

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POLITICAL: Do “We, The Sheeple” understand that no politician “gives” anything



As usual the rightwing propaganda machine has been spreading misinformation about the election.. So just for the record.. The polls were correct.. Romney was never in the lead.. The jobs numbers were right.. And not only was this election a Landslide.. It confirmed that Obamacare is here to stay.. Giving America Healthcare.. Something Presidents from both parties have been trying to accomplish since 1912.. Barack Obama is the first Democrat to win two terms with majorities in both the Electoral College & the Popular Vote.. Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.. When you add to these things all of his many accomplishments.. You come to the realization that not only has he solidified his place in History.. But He will go down as one the greatest Presidents this Nation has ever had…

# – # – #  

Presidents, or any politician and bureaucrat, don’t “give” “US” anything. They merely STEAL from the haves or the productive and REDISTRIBUTE to some ill-defined population while RETAINING a large portion for themselves. And, expect everyone to ADORE them for doing this.

As far as OBAMCARE goes, it’s an economic certainty NOT to work. While will a reduced number of doctors (some fraction will retire rather than work for less than their expectations) be able to SERVICE about a THIRD more people who know have FREE healthcare. We learned in ECON 101 that medical care is an INELASTIC good people will demand it regardless of supply. SO look to the VA, MEDICAID, and the NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN HEALTHCARE systems for how it’s going to be. Long lines, killing delays, and “death panels” deciding what will be provided for the MUNDANE class; while the rich and the politicians are treated differently.


And, FYI, I didn’t like either choice. I voted for Ron Paul!

Did everyone overlook that we’re broke and in hock up to eyeballs to China?

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RANT: Indicators of Suspicious Behaviors at Hotels


(U//FOUO) DHS-FBI Bulletin: Indicators of Suspicious Behaviors at Hotels

October 31, 2012 in Department of Homeland SecurityFederal Bureau of Investigation

Indicators of Suspicious Behaviors at Hotels

  • 1 page
  • For Official Use Only
  • July 26, 2010


Are these people serious?


RANT: Veteran’s Day


Dearest Amy: As a Vet, who never really left the continental US, it’s only the “for us” that I have a problem with. Many times, say since 1860, but most definitely since 1900’s, and most recently in VietNam, as well as all the wars recently including Iraq, AfPAk, Libya, and on and on, have not been “FOR US”. Our political leadership have used the military as a tool for their own personal ends.

It’s a national disgrace when we have to have a “wound warriors” charity to take care of the women and men sent in our name for an unagreed ill-considered stupidity. (You know I’m a Ron Paul advocate.) We should have and should be bring every one of the boys and girls home. NOW!

I really laugh when politicians run as “peace candidates”. Even funnier, is when they say it with a straight face. Our leader’s foreign policy is to kill people. Even American’s. In cold blood, without even so much as an acknowledgement. “Collateral damage”.

The supposed anti-war movement of my generation and current is nothing more than an astro-turf wing of the liberal socialists in the Democratic Party. At least, the Republicans, with the exception of ROn Paul and the now small Taft-ing of the party, don’t even pretend to be at peace.

Finally, no one seems to see that via a policy of “abortion as birth control”, the USA has committed a genocide on itself. With an welfare / warfare state, the USA has impoverished future generations with a debt that can never be paid off. With a dumbed down State Indoctrination system called “publik eddykation”, the USA has become too stupid to think for itself. With Obamacare, you’ll now have the “best” of Soviet style medicine for the elite.

I’m sorry that past generations, including me, have failed to preserve the USA as the land of opportunity. For that, I apologize and wish you youngsters all the best in fixing our stupidity.


INTERESTING: What are the odds?


What are the odds?





Every house on the block, shared with my shore house has damage, but mine.

Note the water line on the outside shower and hot water heater. That’s about ¾ of the way up the black cinder block foundation.

If it reached the top of the black, storm water would have gotten in to the porch, dining room, three bedrooms, bathroom, and one BRAND NEW kitchen.

Very lucky! Very Providential.

I wish everyone hit by Sandy was this lucky. Sadly it’s not so. Some lost everything. Nothing down the shore will ever be the same. Now I have had a little taste of what the folks in Katrina have felt.

Scuttlebutt was that FEMA was going to stiff those with flood insurance if they were part-time resident. Not a lot of happy people with that assertion.

# – # – # – # – #   

MONEY: Sometimes it’s smart to take the offer?


Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying Life Insurance

*** begin quote *** 

3. Holding Out for A Better Offer

The most recent and biggest screw up we saw had to do with a 30 year old female applying for a $1 million term policy. After asking all the basic medical conditions, she gave us the impression that she would get approved at a Preferred rate. With her age and the amount she needed, we anticipated her rate to be about $70 per month.

After the initial paramedical exam, they found that her cholesterol was a little on the high side; and not just a little on the high side, high enough where instead of being Preferred she was rated a Standard Table B (essentially that means she was knocked down four table classes). That means her rate went from $70 a month to $162 a month. The insurance company made this offer without requesting her APS, otherwise known at the Attending Physician Statement. Your APS contains your entire medical background. If you have any medical history, then there is a pretty good chance that the life insurance company will request your APS.

*** end quote ***

I’ve been always been a firm adherent to the “take the deal”. Have to bird in the hand; rather than two in that bush over there.

# – # – # – # – #   

POLITICAL: The internet is the hope for civilization


A Public ‘Thank You’
by Butler Shaffer

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

~ Margaret Mead

*** begin quote ***

I think it is correct to say that Western Civilization has collapsed; its creative, liberating, and humanizing foundations destroyed by the collective forces of institutionalized violence. American and European countries – long the seats of Western culture – are at the end of an entropic decline. At the same time, however, I have long suspected that we are in the early stages of a transformation in thinking that is producing major changes in how we live and work with one another in society. The vertically-structured systems of centralized authority are being replaced by horizontal networks that interconnect in decentralized, voluntary ways. The Internet – which has expanded the liberating and creative capacities inhering in Gutenberg’s invention – is the most visible expression of what I think of as the “unfolding civilization.” 

*** end quote ***

This is a meme shifting paradigm shifting concept. 

Without the internet in your caculation, you are doomed to failure. 

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RANT: The election results sadden me

Huge unemployment, record numbers not working, welfare at an all time high.

Debt soaring, deficits increasing, fiscal irresponsibility.

Foreign policy in shambles. More wars, less peace.

Lying, cover ups, media bias.

Assault on the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Amendments.

Corruption and fraud in the elections.

Obamacare fundamentally seizes control of healthcare. Death panels start killing us. Cost exponentially increase.

Pro-Life and Catholic values rejected. Marriage redefined. I am taxed to fund activities I deem abhorrent and immoral.

A second term of even more radical action can be expected.

Sorry, but the American Experiment in Liberty is traveling down the road to ruin.

If anything, this election convinces me more that we have to figure out how to secede.

Looks like, things are going to get much much worse. As the takers have outvoted the makers. And, like the nursery story, The Little Red Hen, the producers have no incentive to cooperate in the theft of the fruits of their labors.

I’d predict that the “productive class” will coast and the economic will get even worse.

I just don’t understand the logic.

But, I will not be abused. I will not be robbed, I will not kneel.

I do NOT consent.