political: am i just being a grinch?

I was listening over the net to NJ101.5 to get info about Seaside Heights.

The Guv’s wife, Mary Pat, was on touting the Guv’s amd Ms Guv’s charity.

Now I’m sure that she’s a very nice lady, but doesn’t anyone see a “structural problem”.

The government is taking over “charity”.

In the old days, “relief societies” were formed. Fraternal organizations abounded. Churches were virogous.

I remember reading how after the Chicago fire folks were helped with loans and such. There was networking and judgement. The able body were shown were work was available. Loans were provided and paid back. The truly devastated were taken in.

So what I see is that cradle to grave, Mommy Government will take care of all your needs. Daddy Government will hand out welfare checks.

Handouts are not a hand up.

Only by affiliation can people be truly moved out of poverty. They walk out of it by their own efforts with help and guidance of good people helping. Not doing for.

Sorry, but I guess I am the modern embodiment of old Ebenezer!