RANT: Yeah, I’m one of “We, The Sheeple”

Dear Usual:

Re: @0715 Tyne — just to confirm trip to 51f is off. I’m still torqued, but Jill’s email convinced me to “pick another battle”

Last night at midnight when I drove past the long gas lines, after I had read my shore neighbor’s email during a rest break, I made a decision to wimp out. I send out “stand down” messages to the “patrol” that was going to “support” my assault on Seaside Heights. I was fully expecting to get arrested.

But somewhere inside my inner cowardice took over and, with a typical Oregonian attitude, “why bother”? Earlier in the day, after my shore plumber told me not to worry about freezing pipes (i.e., one of the big missions was to open the crawlspace main drain in a lame attempt to save the water pipes). He said the first hard freeze doesn’t come until December and, with no pressure on in the house, damage was in his opinion unlikely). (He also as much as said that I could do more damage messing around with “his plumbing”. LOL! It’s everyone’s house but mine.)

My shorts are still in knot because armed men masquerading as “the police” with orders from the gang calling itself the “town council of Seaside Heights” and “Ocean County” have stolen my property. That I’ve paid extortion called “property taxes” for more than 30 years. What do you call when men dressed in funny clothes with guns prevent you from getting to your land? Sorry but it’s just another day in the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee. Differs from North Korea only by degree.

Note the “gas rationing” by the supposedly Republican Governor of the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee!

Note that supposed rational of this “martial law” order is that it’s “too dangerous”. Look at the videos. Not to dangerous for TV reporters with their generators and truck. “Authorized workers”. Owners of the boardwalk businesses. People who rode out the storm. And, various people seen in the background loading cars from their properties. Note the way the “Chief of Police of SSH” talks to an upset property owner. Like an arrogant ruler to a subject; not an employee to his boss who pays his salary.

Note that NO WHERE ELSE in the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzeeare property owners denied access. Not Ac. Not LBI. Nowhere.

And, in my neighbor’s email, she cites that they haven’t been able to control looting. People are stealing boats in Toms River to go over and loot from the devastation.

I always knew that the Gooferment was oppressive. This time its boot came down a little too hard and a little too obvious.

When my 65th birthday came and went, I figured out that I could then sign up for the Free State Project. I did; now I’m really glad I did.

“Live free or die”,

p.s.: I’ll be opening up “wimpy@reinke.cc” to receive abuse and “I told you so’s”! Argh!

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INTERESTING: Poor project management could put weather forecasters in the dark


Our Weather Satellites Are Dying
by Soulskill

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Hugh Pickens writes “The NY Times reports that some experts say it is almost certain that the U.S. will soon face a year or more without crucial weather satellites that provide invaluable data for predicting storm tracks. This is because the existing polar satellites are nearing or beyond their life expectancies, and the launching of the next replacement, known as JPSS-1, has slipped until early 2017. Polar satellites provide 84 percent of the data used in the main American computer model tracking the course of Hurricane Sandy, which at first was expected to amble away harmlessly, but now appears poised to strike the mid-Atlantic states. The mismanagement of the $13 billion program to build the next generation weather satellites was recently described as a ‘national embarrassment’ by a top official of the Commerce Department. 

*** end quote ***

Hard to imagine the ineptitude and stupidity of the Gooferment.

I’m sure there’s a lot of blame to go around.

It’s all about relying on Gooferment!

And time after time, it lets us down.

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