RANT: The election results sadden me

Huge unemployment, record numbers not working, welfare at an all time high.

Debt soaring, deficits increasing, fiscal irresponsibility.

Foreign policy in shambles. More wars, less peace.

Lying, cover ups, media bias.

Assault on the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Tenth Amendments.

Corruption and fraud in the elections.

Obamacare fundamentally seizes control of healthcare. Death panels start killing us. Cost exponentially increase.

Pro-Life and Catholic values rejected. Marriage redefined. I am taxed to fund activities I deem abhorrent and immoral.

A second term of even more radical action can be expected.

Sorry, but the American Experiment in Liberty is traveling down the road to ruin.

If anything, this election convinces me more that we have to figure out how to secede.

Looks like, things are going to get much much worse. As the takers have outvoted the makers. And, like the nursery story, The Little Red Hen, the producers have no incentive to cooperate in the theft of the fruits of their labors.

I’d predict that the “productive class” will coast and the economic will get even worse.

I just don’t understand the logic.

But, I will not be abused. I will not be robbed, I will not kneel.

I do NOT consent.


RANT: Taking the pledge … only predict Libertarian races

After Tuesday night’s stunning … …

… (to me; how could the Catholic, the Jews, and the under/un employed be so dumb?) …

… … results, I’ll refrain from further political predictions.

Got the electoral count right; just got it the wrong way.

In light of my “great success” as political predictor, I’ll retire with my record of incorrect calls. Like the weathermen, I just keep you amused with know-it-all blather

I will now begin the litany of: “Don’t blame me, I voted for Ron Paul”, “Shut up and enjoy Obamacare”, and my personal l favorite “Have you heard about the Free State Project? I’m moving nlt January 2017”.