Ipad1: interesting problem

I have never been happy with the “app store” concept. As usual, immoral, inefficient, and ineffective.

(this is, as readers of my blog will know, my standard meme for gripes. Stuff that’s immoral is always wrong. Ineffective is does it work. Inefficient is it easy and cheap.)

The “app store” concept is;

~ “immoral” in that it transfers control from the “buyer” to the “seller”

~ “ineffective” in that problems are insoluble; support is non-existent

~ “inefficient” in that it doesn’t work flawlessly

My current gripe is the GMAIL icon has disappeared from the front screen, but is running in the background. I get alert messages on new email.

Double clicking start does not show it in the task list.

A hard restart or a soft restart doesn’t recover it.

App store thinks it is installed.


I have had problems with app store in the past that were never solved.

Argh squared!!

Loss of control of my device annoys me.


IPAD: Upgraded to IOS6 last night

My IPAD1 is now an orphan. Like my original MACBOOKAIR, which was left behind as “obsolete” a few months ago. Aghh!

Victims of Apple’s planed obsolescence strategy.


(So why did I sign up for an IPHONE5? Pride, stupidity, ignorance!)

Of note, upgrade took over an hour. 

Also, the “initialization sequence” happens in portrait mode while the screen was locked in landscape. The obligatory reading was in too a tiny font for these old eyes. And, like most “shrink wrapped licenses”, what choice does the User have at that point?

Stay tuned as the “adventure” continues.


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IPAD: IPAD3 has initialization issues

Can’t use my IPAD1 apple id?

(I’m not buying all the stuff over again. Starting the issues list. May have to return it.)

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Apple id is mobile me.

It’s forcing me up to icloud.

icloud requires lion.

lion needs a lot of space.

made space

now if’s forcing me into “forgotten password”

forcing me to authenticate the id’s emil by clicking a link

now it’s still forcing “forgotten password” and not sending the link.


# – # – # – # – #  2012-Mar-16 @ 21:39

ipad3!. May have been a mistake. All sorts of initialization issues. Apple may be overwhelmed and using “forgotten password” to throttle use.

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Forces verification of email address.

*** begin quote ***

Dear fjohn reinke,
You’ve entered reinkefj@reinke.cc as the contact email address for your Apple ID. To complete the process, we just need to verify that this email address belongs to you. Simply click the link below and sign in using your Apple ID and password.
Verify Now >
Wondering why you got this email?It’s sent when someone adds or changes a contact email address for an Apple ID account. If you didn’t do this, don’t worry. Your email address cannot be used as a contact address for an Apple ID without your verification.
For more information, see our frequently asked questions.
Thanks,Apple Customer Support

*** end quote ***

DO that and it forces me into password reset and never sends the email.


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Comparing Taylor Swift HD on IPAD1 and IPAD3 — don’t see much difference.

Trying to think of other comparisons.

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from: Apple appleid@id.apple.com
to: apple@reinke.cc
date: Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 7:51 AM
subject: How to reset your Apple ID password.
mailed-by: mdn-txn-msbadger0204.apple.com

Arrived in Google mail box about 9AM. Google posts within seconds to receipt. I know I send stuff from different account into gmail account often. Sometimes Google posts it before I can ALT TAB or TAB SELECT from the sending website over to the GMAIL window. Google’s fast; I’m faulting Apple on this one. Either deliberately or not. Argh!

Finally the link comes through, password reset. I know that I didn’t “forget” any of my passwords, I use LASTPASS, a text file, and a spreadsheet. ARGH!

Now onto try to upgrade MACBOOKAIR to LION. Then I can move from MOBILEME to ICLOUD. Then, finally I can rename my apple id from the old format of a simple name to the new required format of an email address. Then I can connect the IPAD3 to my old apple id and get to try it.

(If you think this all been a big mistake, I agree. What idiot enforces a new rule (i.e., an apple id has to be an email “for security purposes”. Someone needs to explain that one to me. I’m going to bounce this off Bruce S. Maybe it’ll give him some blog fodder.)

I STILL think they deliberately did this to control load. Yeah, I’m a cynic with a tin foil hat!

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SAGA <synonym for excrement>

Going back to the APPSTORE on the MACBOOKAIR tells me that “too many incorrect passwords”. Forces me to say “I forgot it”. (All for MY protection, of course.) And, then if forces up something that opens NVU to edit the page. Are you kidding me?

And Apple is “user friendly”? “barbara streisand”

So, I have uninstall NVU, do this non-sense, wait for another email, buy LION, reinstall NVU, install LION. Then I can move from MOBILEME to ICLOUD. Then, finally I can rename my apple id from the old format of a simple name to the new required format of an email address. Then I can connect the IPAD3 to my old apple id and get to try it.

To quote Taylor Swift: “This is begining to look like  tragedy now.” An epic poem worthy of Homer who wrote the Odyssey!

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