POLITICAL: Do “We, The Sheeple” understand that no politician “gives” anything



As usual the rightwing propaganda machine has been spreading misinformation about the election.. So just for the record.. The polls were correct.. Romney was never in the lead.. The jobs numbers were right.. And not only was this election a Landslide.. It confirmed that Obamacare is here to stay.. Giving America Healthcare.. Something Presidents from both parties have been trying to accomplish since 1912.. Barack Obama is the first Democrat to win two terms with majorities in both the Electoral College & the Popular Vote.. Since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.. When you add to these things all of his many accomplishments.. You come to the realization that not only has he solidified his place in History.. But He will go down as one the greatest Presidents this Nation has ever had…

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Presidents, or any politician and bureaucrat, don’t “give” “US” anything. They merely STEAL from the haves or the productive and REDISTRIBUTE to some ill-defined population while RETAINING a large portion for themselves. And, expect everyone to ADORE them for doing this.

As far as OBAMCARE goes, it’s an economic certainty NOT to work. While will a reduced number of doctors (some fraction will retire rather than work for less than their expectations) be able to SERVICE about a THIRD more people who know have FREE healthcare. We learned in ECON 101 that medical care is an INELASTIC good people will demand it regardless of supply. SO look to the VA, MEDICAID, and the NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN HEALTHCARE systems for how it’s going to be. Long lines, killing delays, and “death panels” deciding what will be provided for the MUNDANE class; while the rich and the politicians are treated differently.


And, FYI, I didn’t like either choice. I voted for Ron Paul!

Did everyone overlook that we’re broke and in hock up to eyeballs to China?

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2 thoughts on “POLITICAL: Do “We, The Sheeple” understand that no politician “gives” anything

  1. Something just occurred to me:

    A certain proportion of medical expense is due to malpractice concerns and lawsuits. I wonder if Obamacare will declare malpractice lawsuits illegal? Aren’t there certain sorts of political entitities/actors/actions that are immune to lawsuits already? I can’t think of examples, but I think I’ve run across such an idea in the past?

    – MJM

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