RANT: Veteran’s Day


Dearest Amy: As a Vet, who never really left the continental US, it’s only the “for us” that I have a problem with. Many times, say since 1860, but most definitely since 1900’s, and most recently in VietNam, as well as all the wars recently including Iraq, AfPAk, Libya, and on and on, have not been “FOR US”. Our political leadership have used the military as a tool for their own personal ends.

It’s a national disgrace when we have to have a “wound warriors” charity to take care of the women and men sent in our name for an unagreed ill-considered stupidity. (You know I’m a Ron Paul advocate.) We should have and should be bring every one of the boys and girls home. NOW!

I really laugh when politicians run as “peace candidates”. Even funnier, is when they say it with a straight face. Our leader’s foreign policy is to kill people. Even American’s. In cold blood, without even so much as an acknowledgement. “Collateral damage”.

The supposed anti-war movement of my generation and current is nothing more than an astro-turf wing of the liberal socialists in the Democratic Party. At least, the Republicans, with the exception of ROn Paul and the now small Taft-ing of the party, don’t even pretend to be at peace.

Finally, no one seems to see that via a policy of “abortion as birth control”, the USA has committed a genocide on itself. With an welfare / warfare state, the USA has impoverished future generations with a debt that can never be paid off. With a dumbed down State Indoctrination system called “publik eddykation”, the USA has become too stupid to think for itself. With Obamacare, you’ll now have the “best” of Soviet style medicine for the elite.

I’m sorry that past generations, including me, have failed to preserve the USA as the land of opportunity. For that, I apologize and wish you youngsters all the best in fixing our stupidity.


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