FLASH: Swift’s Parents split?


Taylor Swift’s Parents Headed for Divorce?
By Emma Koonse , Christian Post Reporter
July 26, 2012|4:09 pm

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Andrea and Scott Swift were married 25 years ago, having their daughter Taylor and her younger brother Austin.

The couple allegedly split sometime within the past two years, but have remained mum on the sensitive subject, according to an unconfirmed report by Star magazine via RadarOnline.com.

“The Swift’s stopped wearing their wedding rings,” an insider said speaking to Star. “They haven’t filed for a divorce because they don’t want it to damage Taylor’s career.”

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I’m always sad when I hear marriages break up.

Who know why?

I know I’d trade all that have for just another day with Frau Reinke. Even a bad day is better than no day.

Wonder why some work and others don’t.

Sending good thoughts to those four people.

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One thought on “FLASH: Swift’s Parents split?

  1. I remember during my time at Manhattan a professor I was close to got divorced and he specifically had a meeting with the college president to let him know it was happening. At the time I thought there was a concern over whether the divorce could affect the prof’s standing at the school… though perhaps that was all just part of my Catholic Student Paranoia.

    – Michael

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