INTERESTING: Sarah Palin is in Ron Paul’s way to the nomination

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Palin entered the national consciousness more suddenly than most high-level politicians do, and she did it in the intense final stretch of a presidential campaign, which had a kiln-like effect of hardening the initial impression—depending on your point of view, of the provincial half-wit portrayed by Tina Fey or the plain-sense Mama Grizzly proudly leading her army of culture warriors. In modern politics, your “brand,” once established, is almost impossible to change. Only a handful of politicians have changed theirs (Hillary Clinton is one), and then only through tireless perseverance. Palin has shown little inclination to revise or deepen these impressions—she didn’t respond to my requests to discuss her record—and she hasn’t designated anyone else to do it for her. (Mama Grizzlies claw; they don’t contextualize.)

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> I dont think she is viable any more….RP starting to look good, just wish he were a little younger.

Too much military aggression for my tastes.

Well, he still has to get through the “tea party” R candidates, then he has to fight through the conservative / moderate sweepstake to get to the R nod, then he has to fight through the liberal media who will try to “Palinize” him like Katie Kute did to SP, and then he has to connect with the great unwashed of the disaffected voters. Dick Morris thinks he has no chance.

I think it’s more about who he picks as VP. Michelle Bachman? It would be an expressway for her to be the first woman President.

That’s my calculation.

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