INSPIRATIONAL: “Conscience” as a legal doctrine

Illinois Pharmacists Win Key Victory on Morning After Pill
by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 4/5/11 7:00 PM

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The American Center for Law and Justice today secured a sweeping victory for pro-life pharmacy owners in Illinois after a legal battle lasting six years.

A state court in Illinois issued a decision striking down a state law that compels pharmacy owners to dispense Plan B and other forms of emergency contraception, even if doing so violates their religious or moral beliefs.

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As a little L libertarian, I’m against any form of Gooferment compulsion. Personally, I’m pro-life. I think abortion, euthanasia, and the “death penalty” are wrong for numerous reasons on so many levels.

By the same token, I would not use the force of law to imprison women who make difficult choices. Nor would I punish the doctors who help them in their time of need.

I’m pro-choice on everything.

When we can place all the orphans in decent homes, even if those are orphanages, (I cite Dave Thomas as an exemplar.), then we can become more “interested” in preserving “life”.

The Gooferment has an interest in protecting the lives of people. There is a valid question as to when does life begin? Conception, third trimester, birth, when they can take care of themselves, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, 13, 18, 21, or when they can fight for their rights.

Essentially, it’s when we all agree it does. And, take action to make it so.

Everyone should always follow their conscience. If the Gooferment’s diktat conflict, that’s immoral.

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