POLITICAL: Anti-war, not anti-D or anti R


September 27, 2010
We’ve Been Here Before
The FBI Raids in Context

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In short, the government is attempting to criminalize the organizing of antiwar protests. Furthermore, it wants to make opposition to the the government’s assistance in repressing struggles for self-determination illegal. Other repressive actions by law enforcement against US citizens, including the sentencing of a videographer to 300 days in jail for trespass after he tried to film an unauthorized talk in Chicago and the acknowledgement (sic) by the Pittsburgh FBI office that it had spied on peace activists and used a private agency to help out, makes it clear that the PATRIOT Act and its excesses are alive and well under the Obama administration. Repression is a bipartisan activity, especially when it comes to the repression of the left.

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I remember the anti-war left that was taken over by the D’s. Of course, as soon as a D was in the White House, that ended the anti-war protests.

Now, older and wiser, I see.

Both the D’s and R’s have no problem with “war” as long as they are in the White House and control of Congress to profit from it.

If we can’t end the warfare /welfare state, then we’ll have to divide and conquer.


Just like what happened to the USSR.

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