INTERESTING: The economic predicament of today

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I suspect such is a major reason we are in the economic predicament of today.

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May I disagree with your “major reason”?

I’m just fat old white guy injineer, a decade younger than you, but I look further back in history. And it’s a multiple part answer.

❶ The Progressives pulled off a silent coup in several areas during the woman sufferage movement. Giving women the right to vote, giving universal suffrage, and detaching the right to vote form owning land — all set the wheels in motion.

❷ Prohibition was the direct result of the women’s vote. That started organizaed crime. That justified the FBI and the Gooferment getting into the policing business.

❸ The Progressives got the Gooferment into the school business. It’s was allowed to propagandize future voters. Remember the Prussian school model was to make cannon fodder for the Army, good workers for the factory, and pliable idiot voters to be led by the elite. (Where DO politicians send their kids to school?)

❹ The Progressives created the Federal Reserve System. That allowed the Gooferment to spend without raising taxes. That was key. Up to that point, prices always declined. After than, inflation was institutionalized. From 1913 to day, the dollar has lost 99% of its purchasing power.

❺ FDR took us OFF the gold standard, got social security, and created wage / price controls. The gold standard restrained the Gooferment’s ability to print money. Social Security destroyed the multi-generational family — Grandparents could afford to retire to Florida. Wage Controls set up the benefits trap that Obamacare will supposedly rescue us from.

❻ The Progressives passed the Sixteenth that allows the Gooferment to grow unchecked by taxation; Milton Freedman created withholding to fool folks into accepting it.

❼ Johnson’s welfare warfare state just destroyed the inner cities and made everyone dependent on the Gooferment dole.

So essentially there are SEVEN reasons we, future generations, and the soon to retire are so screwed. The ability to vote — with its subsequent social change, welfare, and warfare — was the reason.

Voters have to have a stake in paying for what they vote for.


We are SO screwed. I’m not sure we can avoid the fate of the USSR.

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