GOVEROTRAGEOUS: More fraud reported

Feds Investigate ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Car Dealers
Government Auditors Find $94 Million in Rebates May Be Ineligible Due to Faulty Documents
By Gregory Korte, USA TODAY
Aug. 28, 2010

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The government is investigating at least 20 car dealerships it claims violated the rules of last year’s cash-for-clunkers program. Government auditors say up to $94 million in rebates may be ineligible because they lack the proper documentation.

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It was a bad idea form the start — destroying perfectly “good” cars — would be good enough for someone who doesn’t have a car or needs a cheap replacement — which “stole” future sales guaranteeing that future sales would crater!

Figure the handling costs of all the bureaucrats and now add the cost of fraud.

A disaster from end to end.

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