JOBSEARCH: grid targets as a memory jogger

Heat Up Your Job Searching Skills: Networking 101 and 102


*** begin quote ***

He had prepared an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper laid out in a grid. He had printed every company he was interested in, the contact person’s name, number, email address, linked in name, and issues now confronting that company (his own analysis). My new friend left me his sheet and simply asked if I knew anyone from these companies or who might know these people.

*** end quote ***

“Guess which one I helped more?”

May I humbly suggest that you should have written: “Guess which one I was able to give more help?”

(I’m sure that Number One’s failings would not annoy you enough to deliberately NOT help. Number One just didn’t set up the framework for you to maximize your effectiveness. Never mind efficiency. Number One was much further along on the “dikw (i.e., data, information, knowledge, wisdom) curve”. Number One is asking for data, (e.g., who’s hiring me); some names. Number Two is asking for and sharing wisdom (i.e., different way of presenting the knowledge of targets and helping you fit your knowledge into a shared model).

Excellent wisdom presented, imho. (That means I’ll steal this and make it my own. With appropriate credit, of course.)

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