GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Release if he signed papers forfeiting his property

Texas police shake down drivers, lawsuit claims

   * Police stop drivers, take their money and jewelry, alleged victims say

   * Drivers threatened with arrest, loss of children if they don’t pay up, plaintiffs say

   * Most targeted drivers are minorities who won’t fight back, lawyer says

   * Town, county officials deny any wrongdoing, say officers follow the law

updated 9:00 a.m. EDT, Wed May 6, 2009

From Gary Tuchman and Katherine Wojtecki

CNN’s “AC360°”

*** begin quote ***

TENAHA, Texas (CNN) — Roderick Daniels was traveling through East Texas in October 2007 when, he says, he was the victim of a highway robbery.

The Tennessee man says he was ordered to pull his car over and surrender his jewelry and $8,500 in cash that he had with him to buy a new car.

But Daniels couldn’t go to the police to report the incident.

The men who stopped him were the police.

Daniels was stopped on U.S. Highway 59 outside Tenaha, near the Louisiana state line. Police said he was driving 37 mph in a 35 mph zone. They hauled him off to jail and threatened him with money-laundering charges — but offered to release him if he signed papers forfeiting his property.

*** end quote ***

Well, my Luddite friend always fights with me telling me that “the police are our friends”. Not my friend, my friend. They are worse than the Mafia. At least, the Mafia doesn’t pretend that they aren’t robbing me.

These armed bureaucrats are nothing more than form filling out clean up squads. Unless they blunder into something.

(Hey, if he can exaggerate, so can I!)

It comes from the basic premise about the use of force. It all comes down to force.


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