RANT: Maureen Dowd repeats the Obama stupidity


Op-Ed Columnist
How Character Corrodes
Published: May 2, 2009

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As Mr. Obama said in his news conference, it is in moments of crisis that a country must cleave to its principles. Asserting that “waterboarding violates our ideals,” he said he had been struck by an article describing how Churchill would not torture prisoners even when “London was being bombed to smithereens.”

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A high school buddy pointed out this link with words that indicated his approval.

I could only shake my head.

Obama’s reference to Churchill was mistaken at best, or perhaps ignorant, and might even have been carefully constructed to mislead.

First, Churchill is NOT held in high regard by the Obama’s. See Michelle’s comments about Churchill and the British treatment of the African natives. So clearly, there is something going on here.

Second, Churchill is an icon of the Republicans. (Even though we KNOW there is no difference between D’s and R’s to those who love our liberty.) Most associated with the Iron Lady Thatcher or Ronald Regan. So, perhaps the D’s are trying to “steal” the icons while the R’s aren’t looking.

Third, and finally, the Churchill as an exemplar of how to treat prisoners is destroyed by three letters. Ready? IRA. Remember cordless drills and the phrase “knee capping”. The Tans. And, the civil repression.

So, not only is Ms. Dowd, again off base. (What does what expect from the NYT? It’s after all the “house organ” of the Obama administration and the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

My school chum regretted the Bush and how we left the American legacy. I’d merely point out that Bush is just one in a long line of Presidents destroying our liberty and the paper Constitution. It started with Lincoln’s War of Norther Aggression, with stops at Mister Wilson’s War, the creation of the FED, and FDR’s taking us off the gold standard. Kennedy enlarging the VietNam war, Johnson’s atrocity, Nixon’s Watergate, Regan’s Drug Wars, Bush’s “No New Taxes”, Clinton’s asprin bombings and Osama failure, Bush in Iraqi.

Lest my chum think it’s going to be any different for Obama, in 100 days, he’s committed us to lifetime and legacy of debt! In his spare time, he’s started us down the road to Fascism with his actions with Government Motors and Chysler. Think Amtrak?

So we have been on the road to perdition for a long time. And, Ms. Dowd’s article doesn’t do anything to change the course.

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