RANT: Obama’s Special Olympics gaffe


March 20, 2009
Obama’s Special Olympics gaffe

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The truth is that Barack Obama is not cool or hip. Often he doesn’t even seem very bright. He is unable to stand on his own two feet when asked a direct question. Even with his trusted Teleprompter he cannot avoid embarrassment, as the Prime Minister of Ireland saw first-hand earlier this week. He gave the back of his hand to Great Britain with his stupid, ill-chosen gifts to their prime minister — not to mention the abrupt ejection of the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. He accompanies self-deprecation with insulting retarded children or former First Ladies.

*** end quote ***

I waited to write this post until I had time to reflect on the incident. What I saw. How I felt. And, was it a “big deal”.

When I heard O was heading to Leno, my first thought was that he was trying to distract from what he was doing — making Socialism palatable to the proletariat.

Did it work?

Or, did it give us a further insight into the legislator who votes “present”.

Leno cracked him with the comment about the financial crisis being Timmy’s problem.

And again, with taxing the AIG bonus babies 90%, that the government could do it to any one.


Funny, but Leno showed the emperor’s new clothes.

And, of course, the pièce de résistance, “Special Olympics”.

What an A double Q hole!

Ever seen these “forever children” struggle to dribble a basketball as I’ve seen at many Rutgers women’s half times, or some to even help themselves?

A President. An athlete. A “man”. Demeaning these children. He may have been a high school bball player, but he learned little.

I firmly believe that the Creator, the Universe, or God, gives us these as examples of how blessed we are. That no matter how self-centered one is, seeing one of these struggling heroes, is a lesson in humility.

No, that throw away remark was an insight into the character of the man.

And, he was lacking.

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