MONEY: treat the USD as a depreciating asset

Video: Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve – TheLibertarianForum
Ron Paul on the federal reserve bank.

Money is not a store as value as it is supposed to be. Ron give “Helicopter Ben” a rudimentary lesson in what is wrong with the current system.

* Congress unConstitutionally created a central bank and ceded all oversight of that bank to a private cartel to the detriment of the American people.

* The dollar is inflated year after year. This results in a 96% loss in purchasing power (Ron Paul’s number) since 1913. (Other statisticians say it’s 95% from 1970 to 2000). Regardless of whose numbers you believe the purchasing power of the dollar erodes dramatically impacting everyone , but especially the people least able to cope.

* Inflation is a tax. Hidden. Silent. This permits the Congress to spend without limit.

All financial planning must treat the USD as a depreciating asset. YMMV!

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