LIBERTY: Vets versus the congresscritters

Veterans’ Groups Prepare for Battle on Capitol Hill
By Robert Bluey
Sunday, August 19, 2007

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While not every veteran will follow the same route as Emanuel, the goal is to motivate as many as possible to become engaged in the political process, either by writing about their war experience or voicing their views to members of Congress.

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Now while I personally think these “Wars” — on “terror”, on “drugs”, in Iraq, in Afganistan, and in a myriad of other venues — are lost, I want my fellow vets to step up and speak up. I maintain we haven’t been in a Constitutional War since World War 2. Nor have we be in a War of national defense since 1812. War is too important to be left to these chicken sh … ahh, hawk REMFs. I never personally experienced “hot fire” but just having been exposed to the chance I might changed me. Changed from a Hollywood John Wayne Fort Apache Back to Batan starry eyed kid to a mature confirmed libertarian. When the invaders hit the US of A, then I’m a hawk. Till then I’m a porcupine. And, I want every combat vet or near combat vet to tell these congress critters that we are not going to take their “barbara streisand” any more. Bring the troops home and make good on the promise of medical care for our fellow vets who were wounded without a lot of administrative red tape.

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