INTERESTING: my “tip” — actually non-tip — is in third place

*** begin quote ***

In the past few days, Ferdinand Reinke’s Do You Create Value? attracted 37 unique visitors up until August 13th after having a slow start.

*** end quote ***

Well on a lark, when solicited for a job search tip as a contest entry, I gave him my “best-est” thought,

(You can read it there.)

Bet you can’t guess what my tip is! You know how I love to pontificate! And, just in case I accidentally won, I figured I’d just donate it to the site master’s favorite charity, which evidently impressed the fellow.

(Last thing I need — in this day of terrorists transferring funds internationally — is an international conversation about what charity to donate to. With my luck, I’d be in Gitmo learning Farsi and studying the physics of water.)

So, now I find that my “tip” — actually non-tip — is in third place and I’m upset. Darn!! And, if you read my entry, (which raises my score in the competition), you read how I expect to show a profit if I win. :-)

Have to have a sense of humor about this stuff.

No Big Deal!

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