RANT: Let the research begin on what was on the laptop,


Matt Gaetz Enters Hunter Biden Laptop Data Into Congressional Record
WEDNESDAY, MAR 30, 2022 – 04:20 PM
Authored by Ken Silva via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

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“I seek unanimous consent to enter into the record on this committee the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which I am in possession of.”

*** end quote ***

I look forward to the “muckrakers” exposing all the corruption to the light of day.


HEALTH: Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company


I sent this to a few friends.

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I don’t know how you feel about high drug prices, Mark Cuban, or ​trying anything new.

BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), here’s a new offering by Mark Cuban of discount generic drugs.

I’m trying it and will let you know how it works for me.

On the surface, it appears to be a big cost saving even over my insurance’s drug plan.

Not all my drugs are there, but enough to give it a try.

Let me know if you’re interested in my experience with it or not.


*** end quote ***

I think it’s worth trying and it MIGHT save a lot of money.


ECONOMICS: The economy has yet to recover from covid, but the stock market is being inflated


Nothing Has Changed, Except For Everything
MONDAY, MAR 28, 2022 – 09:30 AM

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The signs and symptoms I’m paying attention to are as follows (read this list slowly, and take it all in):

  • We have a market that saw the NASDAQ (an index) rise about 120% in less than 2 years off its March 2020 lows, despite the fact that our economy never materially recovered during the same period of time.
  • Our money supply (M2) rose between 21.7% and 26.92% year over year, between April 2020 and February 2021. Its long term YOY average rise, including this data, is just 7.16%. Prior to 2020, most YOY growth was between 3% and 5%.
  • Our inflation rate is at its highest point in about 30 years, and that is using a totally different method for measuring inflation than we used to. If we used the standards for measuring CPI in the 1980s, inflation would likely be at all time record highs for our nation.
  • We have the most material hot war in Europe since World War II taking place, with little visibility on how it will end. At the same time, relations with Russia and China have not been this contentious in decades. Russia and China also look to be posing a serious, calculated challenge to the U.S. dollar’s reserve status.
  • As I pointed out days ago, stocks relative to GDP are also in uncharted territory, where reversion to the mean would mean a minimum of a 40% drop from here.

But hey, Jim Cramer says he thinks “the bear market is over”. He’s on CNBC. I’m not.

*** end quote ***

Hard to imagine what will happen when the politicians and bureaucrats have “managed” the US into a horrific depression.


It’s not going to be pretty for the non-rich.


RANT: Don’t punish the dogs for weather


Alaska’s Iditarod race punishes mushers for sheltering dogs from storm
By Rich Calder
March 26, 2022 2:21pm  Updated

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Iditarod rules say dogs cannot be taken inside shelters except for race veterinarians’ medical examination or treatment. However, cruel or inhumane treatment of dogs is also prohibited during the event.

*** end quote ***

I suggest that rule writers be kept outside.  The humans and dogs should be inside.  Then let’s see if the “rules” change.

Sorry but the dogs should be inside and the humans outside.



We’ve Defined ‘Woman’ for You

Over the last few days, there has been much “debate” over the word “woman” and how to define it. The discussion over the proper definition of the word erupted across social
— Read on townhall.com/columnists/townhallcomstaff/2022/03/25/we-know-the-definition-of-a-woman-n2605031

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Why did the nominee tiptoe around an easy question?

Perhaps to avoid a discussion of the “trans” issue?


Hit it head on. “There is a difficult issue but courts don’t make public policy. We interpret laws based on specific facts of a case.

Or at least we should.



HEALTH: Wayne Mackie dead at 62 — why?



Longtime NFL official Wayne Mackie dead at 62
By Ryan Dunleavy
March 26, 2022 2:24am  Updated

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Longtime NFL official Wayne Mackie died unexpectedly Thursday night in Florida. He was 62.

Mackie, a Brooklyn native and Colgate graduate, was described by those who knew him as a “New Yorker through and through.” He worked a 20-year career at New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development, serving as director of operations and inspecting homes to make sure they met residential code.

*** end quote ***

Requiescat In Pacem, good sir.

I read recently that a way to recover the public’s trust in the Covid “vaccine” would be to autopsy all premature unexplainable deaths.

This fellow was probably in great shape for his age after being an NFL official for years.

So, what caused his death?

Not to invade his, or his family’s, privacy, but this is an important public policy question that needs to be answered.



RANT: Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it” wins Medal of Freedom


Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it” wins Medal of Freedom

# – # – # – # – #

I try never to speak ill of the dead.

BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), I’ll make an exception.

As a little L libertarian, I am ashamed at this video … … … over and over again.

Killing little children is a national disgrace.

And, it continues in Yemen and scores of other places.

Like Gandhi, Lennon, and Jesus … suffer the little children.

Shame on us!



VOCABULARY: “SLUDGE” — the administrivia that make getting things done near-impossible


Sludge: How paperwork, wait times, and confusion degrade our well-being

  • Sludge may be inevitable, but there are better ways to manage such frictions in our daily lives.

with Cass Sunstein

*** begin quote ***

As defined by Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein, sludge is the amorphous accumulation of daily frictions that separate people from the things that can make their lives easier or better. Think tedious paperwork, long wait times, and bureaucratic procedures to fulfill simple requests. If you’ve ever navigated the layers of an automated answering system to speak with a human representative only to be put on hold for hours listening to public-domain slow jazz, then you know the pains of sludge.

*** end quote ***

Just yesterday, I called Walgreens about an OTC item that ordered on their website.  I had it confirmed then canceled.

I called three times.  Navigated phone choices.  Got a person each time who asked my name and birthdate — despite it wasn’t about a prescription — and they “transferred” me to a number that rang innumerable times then “transferred” me to survey “in order to give you outstanding service”.  Regardless if you took the survey or not, it hung up on you.

So I went to the store — ready for war — a nice lady took my name and birthdate — I have no idea why — and my order number.  She also said that they would fill my order but it would take an hour.

Argh!  So I left to do errands and came back,

New lady.  Took my name and birthdate — Argh! — and had no idea why order was cancelled.  Or why my order wasn’t ready.

Earlier lady returns equally clueless.

Then the pharmacist gets involved.  Also clueless as to why.  (It is an OTC item.)

After another hour, I get my order.  No apologies and no explanations.

SLUDGE in inaction.



INSPIRATIONAL: Strollers at the border


Strangers are Leaving Strollers, Diapers, and Toys at the Border for Ukrainian Refugee Moms (LOOK)
By  Andy Corbley – Mar 18, 2022

*** begin quote ***

An image recently shared around social media of empty strollers on a Polish rail border crossing has inspired a mountain of donations for Ukrainian refugees.

Now at Przemyśl Station, women, children, and infants fleeing the war are being greeted by mountains of clothes, stuffed animals, strollers, diapers, and more after they step off the train.

ABC reports that the number of spare carriers and strollers from Polish mothers have been particularly inspiring, with many donators leaving handwritten notes behind, with words of support.

“We see on the television and hear on the radio what happened, and we say ‘okay we can help,’” one Polish mother and volunteer told ABC.

*** end quote ***

The beauty of the charitable spirit brings one to tears.


TECHNOLOGY: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium deplatforming — are they declaring they are NOT a “common carrier”?


The final word from Twitter on my account (after 13 years): we’re deleting you and everything you ever wrote

  • After 13 years on Twitter, I was suspended for life a second time on Feb 6, 2022 and I was just notified today that there is no appeal. It took them 6 weeks to review my appeal.

Steve Kirsch

*** begin quote ***


Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium all believe deplatforming me (and others who share my beliefs that early treatments work and the vaccines are dangerous) is a service to their community.

The message these companies want to send to everyone is that if you stick to the popular narrative, you will not be punished.

This is a new America where you need to conform or you will be deplatformed.

*** end quote ***

I guess it’s time for me to leave ANY platform that “deplatforms” ANY ONE for anything other than a “free speech violation”.


MONEY: Can bitcoin stop the “bad guys”? Can anything?


The bad guys can’t stop Bitcoin, but Bitcoin can stop the bad guys.
MAR 18, 2022

*** begin quote ***

60 years ago, it was not Syrians, Afghans, Iranians and people from various African states who had to leave their homes and sought refuge.

It was Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Jews, Poles, Russians and Germans who needed a new home before, during and after World War II. Displaced by an occupying power, by the ruling government and by hunger and war.

Many had to leave their hometowns and were not able to take much with them, let alone transfer money across national borders. This is what happened to many Jews. Refugees were deprived of their remaining possessions in Germany. In a perfidious way, the war and the extermination of the Jews were thus co-financed.

Within experiences of these and other inhuman acts, the Universal Human Rights have been defined. A commission led by Eleanor Roosevelt worked out 30 articles under the auspices of the United Nations in 1948.

Reading these 30 articles, it becomes clear that the potential bad guy is often seen on the side of the state or government.

*** and ***

Everyone has the right to freely access a healthy international currency!

*** end quote ***

I certainly like that it’s inflation proof.  It may be a hopeless gesture to liberty, but what choice do we have?


POLITICAL: The Gooferment shouldn’t punish those who dispute the election results


(READ) Watchdog group files brief; tries to overturn sanctions on Sidney Powell, Trump lawyer who challenged 2020 election results

*** begin quote ***

“Courts sanctioning lawyers pursuing election law claims in the heat of an election is a dangerous game that could allow election corruption to go unchecked,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The partisan retaliation and harassment of lawyers involved in litigating the 2020 election dispute is unprecedented and undermines the rule of law – and courts should not take part in it.”

*** end quote ***

How anyone can say that there was no election fraud in the 2020 election is delusional!

The simultaneous “pause” in four key state in the middle of the night and DJT goes from being in the lead before the pause to losing after the pause is prima facie evidence of fraud.

The Deep State, the Corrupt Corporate Media, and Big Tech conspired to rig the election.

It’s obvious that the USA is now, and has been for awhile, a corrupt oligarchy.  

“We, The Sheeple” should wait until they are loading people on the trains destined for camps to begin to resist.

One can only hope that we can get our liberty back.

“Yes. In the end, you will walk out. Because 100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians, if those Indians refuse to cooperate.” — movie Gandhi (1983)

So to, one city filled with politicians and bureaucrats can not control 320 million Americans if we all refuse to cooperate.  Peaceful non-violent cooperation.

Pick your “battles” but just gum up the works.  The Canadian Truckers expose the tyrannical State in Canada.  Let’s do the same in the USA.

Save your nickels, bullion, and bitcoins.  The may inflate the dollar but it can’t touch real money.



VOCABULARY: “Security Theater”


Why Vaccine Cards Are So Easily Forged
Bruce Schneier

*** begin quote ***

Back in 2003, at the height of our collective terrorism panic, I coined the term security theater to describe measures that look like they’re doing something but aren’t.

*** end quote ***

Well, for once, he and I disagree.  The smug cheater getting away with fraudulent documents instills in society that some are above the “rules”.  Like when politicians are unmasked but force everyone else to mask up.  One set of rules for me; another for thee. Doe the smug cheater get to run red lights and put others at mortal risk?

As a little L libertarian, I don’t recognize the Gooferment as having the power to mandate a lot of what it does.  I’m for the “night watchman” government if we have to have one at all.  So, when the Gooferment politicians and bureaucrats promulgate their diktats, I feel free to treat them as “suggestions”.

“I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” — Robert A. Heinlein

So I stop at red lights and stop signs and expect others to do the same.  Not because the Gooferment has a diktat about it, but it is common sense to cooperate in the real world. 

If a shop keeper feel that masks are need for the well-being of their patrons — even if masks are ineffective and just provide some crazy people psychological comfort — then I’ll either accept their invitation to shop there wearing a mask or go somewhere else. (It’s not my role in society to disturb the peace and preach “any gospel” to the infidels.

Sigh, there are common sense rules that we obey for the benefit of humanity. And, they are way above diktats in moral authority.

But “theater” of any type should be mock, skirted, or just ignored if at all possible.  

(Note: I don’t do bail money. So obey that old knight. “But choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you.” Grail Knight in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097576/quotes)


VOCABULARY: The Streisand Effect



The Phenomenon Wherein Trying To Hide Information Makes It More Public Is Known As?

*** begin quote ***

Back in 2002, photographer Kenneth Adelman undertook a massive project wherein he photographed the California coastline in a series of 12,000 photographs. The purpose of the exercise was to document coastal erosion for the California Coastal Records Project, a government-sanctioned project focused on preserving the state’s massive coastline.

*** and ***

In 2003, when it came to the singer’s attention that her home was displayed on the CCRP’s website, her lawyers drafted a lawsuit and sued the photographer, the site displaying the images (Pictopia.com), and even the server company hosting the actual files (Layer42). The total damages sought were for $50,000,000.

*** and ***

Two years later in 2005, Mike Masnick, CEO and founder of the Techdirt blog, immortalized the whole affair when he wrote:

How long is it going to take before lawyers realize that the simple act of trying to repress something they don’t like online is likely to make it so that something that most people would never, ever see (like a photo of a urinal in some random beach resort) is now seen by many more people? Let’s call it the Streisand Effect.

*** end quote ***

An interesting addition to the genre of Unintended Consequences?


INTERESTING: Mother Nature always outsmarts humans


State-funded BYU study finds elk move when hunting season starts — and it’s causing problems
By Todd Hollingshead, February 16, 2022

*** begin quote ***

Utah’s DWR was hearing that hunters weren’t finding elk during hunting season. They also heard from private landowners that elk were eating them out of house and home. So they commissioned a study. Turns out the elk were leaving public lands when hunting season started and hiding on private land.

*** end quote ***

This is pretty funny.

It’s like elephants evolving to have shorter tusks in response to poachers.


GOVERNACIDE: Time to put the CDC and FDA out of business; close them down — PERIOD


The CDC knew in January 2021 that the vaccines were unsafe, but they said NOTHING

  • The data was in public view in January 2021 that the vaccines were too unsafe for use in humans. By February, it was even more obvious. To this day, the CDC has never acknowledged this safety signal.

Steve Kirsch 3/16/22

*** begin quote ***

If you want clear, compelling evidence of corruption at the CDC and FDA, here it is.

The CDC knew these vaccines were unsafe in January. They cause clotting everywhere. Pulmonary embolism is just a canary in the coal mine for blood clots. I could have picked something else.

It is troubling that the FDA and CDC didn’t spot this signal. It is huge and in plain sight. Even today, they still don’t acknowledge that the risk of pulmonary embolism is elevated. And if they aren’t talking about that, it means they aren’t talking about any of the thousands of other safety signals in VAERS either.

If you wanted proof of corruption and proof that we cannot trust the authorities, this is it in black and white. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this.

*** end quote ***

The Gooferment is killing people to line the pockets of Big Pharma which in turn will make “campaign contributions” to politicians.  The CDC and FDA are a revolving door for bureaucrats going to work in Big Pharma and visa versa.  

The only solution is to terminate the CDC and FDA with extreme prejudice.  Yes, does anyone think that Big Pharma won’t make safer products with the fear of lawsuits is reinstated?



RANT: The NYT is a shill for the “lizard people” and unworthy of any trust in what it says


Now that Joe Biden’s president, the Times finally admits: Hunter’s laptop is real
By Post Editorial Board
March 17, 2022

*** begin quote ***

Forgive the profanity, but you have got to be s–tting us.

First, the New York Times decides more than a year later that Hunter Biden’s business woes are worthy of a story. Then, deep in the piece, in passing, it notes that Hunter’s laptop is legitimate.

“People familiar with the investigation said prosecutors had examined emails between Mr. Biden, Mr. Archer and others about Burisma and other foreign business activity,” the Times writes. “Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.”

Authenticated!!! You don’t say. You mean, when a newspaper actually does reporting on a topic and doesn’t just try to whitewash coverage for Joe Biden, it discovers it’s actually true?

*** end quote ***

Where do we go to get our election back?

“We, The Sheeple” are such suckers!


CRYPTO: BITCOIN provides a “financial parachute”


Surviving Off Crypto When Cash Fails
Many Ukrainians and Russians lost access to their bank accounts in the days following Russia’s invasion.
Daniel Van Boom  
March 15, 2022 5:27 p.m. PT

*** begin quote ***

Fedosov is one of approximately 5.5 million Ukrainians who own cryptocurrency. His ability to live off bitcoin and ether is music to the ears of cryptocurrency proponents. They point out that situations like Fedosov’s, when the financial system stutters or fails, are the precise reason bitcoin was created. Using a cryptocurrency wallet — as opposed to going through an intermediary exchange like Binance — holders can access their cryptocurrency with nothing more than an internet connection and a 12-word seed phrase.

*** end quote ***

I find this story is a warning to everyone.

It costs a little in opportunity costs, but it could be a life saver.

How about a “flat tire in a strange place” without a credit card machine?


A “stunning” defeat for a Rhode Island gun ban – Bearing Arms

A federal judge has struck down Rhode Island’s ban on stun guns, though he didn’t seem too thrilled about having to reach that decision.
— Read on bearingarms.com/camedwards/2022/03/16/a-stunning-defeat-for-a-rhode-island-gun-ban-n56482

# – # – # – # – #

Sorry but a law-abiding citizen should be presumed to be carrying ANYTHING for a lawful self-defense purpose. Personally, i’d rather trust good people to do the right thing than some Gooferment politicians and bureaucrats telling them what is and is not a suitable “self-defense weapon”.

Now use it criminally or have been convicted of a criminal offense, then we have to have “licenses”, “permits”, or other permissions before you can pack “heat”!



MONEY: Has time finally run out?


Peter Schiff Warns Tucker Carlson: Inflation Only Has One Way To Go!
TUESDAY, MAR 15, 2022 – 08:11 AM
Via SchiffGold.com,

*** begin quote ***

Last week, we got another big jump in consumer prices with the February CPI data. Peter Schiff appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to talk about the rampant inflation. He said it’s only going to get worse. Inflation only has one way to go.

*** end quote ***

I’ve blogged about this self-inflicted national disaster for decades.  Been aware of the problem since the late 60’s.

And, I hope that I don’t I’ve to see some very ugly chickens come home to roost.

The problem is the FED! The Federal Reserve Bank is a misnomer. IT ain’t “federal”. It reserves nothing. And, it ain’t a “bank”. It is a private cartel of the elite banks run for their benefit and that of the entrenched politicians.

When will “We, The Sheeple” wake up?

If, ever!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Is “336 labs in 30 countries” true?


5 Very Strange Questions That Every American Should Be Asking About The War In Ukraine Right Now
The Free Thought Project March 10, 2022

*** begin quote ***

#4 Does the United States really have 26 biological research labs in Ukraine? The Chinese government is making this accusation, and if it is true someone out there has a lot of explaining to do. Because there is absolutely no reason why the U.S. should be conducting dangerous biological research in Ukraine at all, much less at 26 different facilities. But according to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this is precisely what has been going on…

“The US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone. It should give a full account of its biological military activities at home and abroad and subject itself to multilateral verification.”

*** end quote ***

I sure hope this is not true?

One thing that might make it true is that (I think) it’s against US law to have one the USA.

Was this why Faucci was financing Wuhan?


MONEY: “Inside Money” standard and the “Outside Money” reality


The Ins and Outs of Whose Money is it Anyway?
Date: March 13, 2022Author: Tom Luongo

*** begin quote ***

Today’s “Inside Money” standard, known colloquially as the Dollar Reserve standard, is actually what I like to call “Milton Friedman’s Nightmare.” It is nothing more than a system of competitively devalued and inflated debt-based scrips running around drinking each other’s milkshakes until everyone’s glass is empty.

FYI, there are a lot of empty glasses around the world right now and more are being created everyday as the financial system turned predatory after the Lehman Bros. collapse in 2008.

It was then that the Central Banks and governments turned fully against the people sucking up more and more outside money by inflating inside money egregiously to control more and more of the real wealth of the world.

There is only one problem with that, however. Eventually, you run out of property to squeeze out of people’s hands. The more you take, the less people are restrained by little things like laws.

Eventually two things happen. The first is what we’ve been seeing from Russia and China for the past twelve years — steady accumulation of gold and other hard assets, outside money, including the building of real manufacturing infrastructure as well as the financial infrastructure to house it.

The second is just over the horizon — the moment where all the legal claims to controlling outside money mean nothing when enforcement of those legal claims gets exposed as a bluff because there aren’t enough enforcers capable of keeping the looters from taking it.

*** end quote ***

I’m am waiting for the “Great Reset” to drop on “We, The Sheeple” of which I am part of in someways.  I know this is going to hurt the poor, the seniors, those on fixed incomes, as well as the non-super rich.

Wonder what the price of gold will go to … … (the fellow’s guess)  about 45k$.  By other guesstimates, that’ll translate to 80$/gallon for gas.  Now I’m not predicting this but even if gas goes from 4 to 8$/gallon, the economy is totally screwed.

The U$D would be near worthless.


The future is murky and there could be a cliff in the fog.



RANT: The NYT kills “wordle”


*** begin quote ***

Although Wordle’s increasing exclusivity might benefit The New York Times, it will not sit well with many gamers who prefer the game to remain as free and as widely available as possible. It also has the potential to destroy the community of Wordle archives and clones that have formed around Wordle and brought gamers around the world together.

*** end quote ***

# – # – # – # – #

To be expected!


GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Why do we reward NFL owners?


Buffalo Bills’ billionaire owner set to get $1B in public funds for new stadium
By Josh Kosman
March 11, 2022 5:15pm  Updated

  • New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is close to leading the state to a deal with Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula for $1 billion in public funds toward a new stadium for the football team, sources tell The Post.Adrian Kraus

The billionaire owner of the Buffalo Bills appears poised to get a record amount of public funding for a new stadium in what critics are calling an unprecedented giveaway.

# – # – # – # – #

Just another ripoff of the Taxpayer!


INTERESTING: Modern Disaster Movies


The 8 Best Modern Disaster Movies That’ll Have You on Edge
Most disaster movies have a bad rap for excessively mindless action. These modern disaster movies show that they can be incredible.
FEB 9, 2022

*** begin quote ***

Nothing thrills in quite the same way as a good disaster film, able to keep you on edge for the entire runtime as it ratchets up your anxiety and fear and tension to levels that get your palms drenched.

*** end quote ***

I’ve only seen “The Martian”.  It was good but I wasn’t scared or really involved. 

Have to see the others on the list.