BITCOIN: ALT COINS are OT ₿ and rug-pulls are to be expected


Bitcoin Pizza Day Turns Sour as Meme Coin Shysters Profit Over $200K in Rug Pulls

  • Meme coin traders poured capital into several pizza-related tokens on Monday as rug pulls put a dampener on the anniversary of the first purchase made with bitcoin.

By Oliver Knight  — May 22, 2023 at 11:24 a.m. EDT

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Bitcoin Pizza Day has taken a negative turn, with meme coin issuers profiting over $200,000 from pizza-related rug pulls on the 13th anniversary of what’s thought to be the first commercial bitcoin transaction.

According to data from dextool’s “live new pairs” section, there has been 14 pizza-related meme coins issued in the past 24 hours. Four have been confirmed as rug pulls, or schemes in which money is stolen from investors through any of a number of techniques. And at least five others are suspected of being so-called honey pots, in which an asset can be sold only to the contract creator, and purchasers are left holding tokens they can’t get rid of.

Bitcoin Pizza Day is marked on May 22. It dates back to 2010, when computer developer Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin.

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Hard to imagine that these sheep don’t get shorn.

And imagine paying for two pizzas with 10,000 bitcoins.  Unimaginable lack of foresight!



MONEY: “Inside Money” standard and the “Outside Money” reality

The Ins and Outs of Whose Money is it Anyway?
Date: March 13, 2022Author: Tom Luongo

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Today’s “Inside Money” standard, known colloquially as the Dollar Reserve standard, is actually what I like to call “Milton Friedman’s Nightmare.” It is nothing more than a system of competitively devalued and inflated debt-based scrips running around drinking each other’s milkshakes until everyone’s glass is empty.

FYI, there are a lot of empty glasses around the world right now and more are being created everyday as the financial system turned predatory after the Lehman Bros. collapse in 2008.

It was then that the Central Banks and governments turned fully against the people sucking up more and more outside money by inflating inside money egregiously to control more and more of the real wealth of the world.

There is only one problem with that, however. Eventually, you run out of property to squeeze out of people’s hands. The more you take, the less people are restrained by little things like laws.

Eventually two things happen. The first is what we’ve been seeing from Russia and China for the past twelve years — steady accumulation of gold and other hard assets, outside money, including the building of real manufacturing infrastructure as well as the financial infrastructure to house it.

The second is just over the horizon — the moment where all the legal claims to controlling outside money mean nothing when enforcement of those legal claims gets exposed as a bluff because there aren’t enough enforcers capable of keeping the looters from taking it.

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I’m am waiting for the “Great Reset” to drop on “We, The Sheeple” of which I am part of in someways.  I know this is going to hurt the poor, the seniors, those on fixed incomes, as well as the non-super rich.

Wonder what the price of gold will go to … … (the fellow’s guess)  about 45k$.  By other guesstimates, that’ll translate to 80$/gallon for gas.  Now I’m not predicting this but even if gas goes from 4 to 8$/gallon, the economy is totally screwed.

The U$D would be near worthless.


The future is murky and there could be a cliff in the fog.



INTERESTING: Cold call victim’s revenge

Cold call victim forces telemarketers to pay him by using premium number
“I want cold calls,” says man previously annoyed by telemarketers.
by Jon Brodkin – Aug 29 2013, 11:29am EDT

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A British man fed up with cold calls from telemarketers set up a premium phone number in November 2011 and has made £300 by accepting calls and keeping the annoying marketers on the line as long as possible.
Lee Beaumont, who works at home in Leeds, UK, was getting calls at all times of the day. “I thought there must be a way to make money off these phone calls,” he told the BBC. He searched on Google and found a small company that charged him £10 (about $15.50) to set up an 0871 line (equivalent to a 900 line in the US), which forces people who call him to pay 10p per minute. Of that, he receives 7p (about 10.9¢).

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Now there is one sharp cookie!

How do we set that up in the USA?

If the FCC really cared, they’d make this possible.

Yeah, right!

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GOLDBUG: Waiting lists for coins and bars?

Gold buyers forced to go on waiting list
Gold buyers are having to wait up to six weeks for their bars and coins after a price dip led to increased interest.

By Rosie Murray-West3:55PM BST 30 Apr 201358

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Investment company Physical Gold said there were waiting lists of three weeks for some coins, and four to six weeks for gold bars. “Previously all would have been available within a few days,” the company said.
The company said that it had seen a 50pc increase in enquiries about purchasing gold and a 35pc increase in sales, with people buying tax-free gold coins. “We are now starting to experience physical gold shortages,” said Daniel Fisher, CEO of Physical Gold.

“In particular there are waiting times on some gold bars and a real difficulty in obtaining mixed year Sovereigns. “However, many clients are willing to ‘do a deal’ and wait for delivery as they want to secure the current price as they feel it will be higher in the near future.”

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Yeah, the price drops on “paper” gold, but premiums (seniorage) on “hard” gold goes up.

Now who doesn’t think the Sheeple and Clovers aren’t being manipulated?

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MONEY: French tax grab on holiday homes

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Francois Hollande announces French tax grab on holiday homes
British owners of holiday homes in France are to be hit with punitive tax rises under plans announced by the new Socialist government.
By Henry Samuel, Paris
9:49PM BST 04 Jul 2012

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Approximately 200,000 Britons own second homes in areas such as the Dordogne and other parts of France, particularly those serviced by budget airlines.

Now, however, holiday home owners find themselves in the sights of President François Hollande as he seeks to tax the better-off to reduce France’s large budget deficit.

On Wednesday (July 4th), the French government announced it was to increase taxes on foreign-owned second homes. Tax on rental income would rise from 20 per cent to 35.5 per cent, and capital gains tax on property sales would rise from 19 per cent to 34.5 per cent. The extra in each case is being labelled a “social charge”.

A Treasury source said on Wednesday night: “We will need to study the details. But we will of course challenge any proposal which breaches European single market laws and anti-discrimination rules.”

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I can’t imagine a dumber attack on property rights.

Why should “We, The Sheeple” care?

Because one Gooferment’s bad idea quickly migrates around the world. Gooferment, like vampires for blood, have an insatiable desire for wealth to spend on this program or that. Without concern for morality, effectiveness, or efficiency. 

Every unit of wealth extracted from the serfs has a “broken glass” effect. It can’t be used by the serf how they’d like to use it. It can’t sate a personal need, saved, or invested. 

We, here in Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee, are a classic example of Gooferment creep. Property taxes drive old people from their homes. Income taxes were imposed to provide “property tax relief”. What joke! All the taxes are higher. 

No, the only answer is to resist any and all taxes. No matter how reasonable the excuse, the answer must always be the same: “No!”

And one should insert some salty language to assure that everyone understand just how serious you are.

Then, the follow up should be: “And, while we are on the subject, how can we lower all taxes 10%?” If they politicians and bureaucrats begin to sputter and turn red or blue, then raise the ante. “OK, if you can’t do 10, how bout 20%?” When they turn white, then you’ve got them. They’re dead!

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