POLITICAL: Skepticism – Why critical thinking makes you smarter

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between objective truth and what we believe to be true. Separating facts from opinions, according to skeptic Michael Shermer, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss, and others, requires research, self-reflection, and time.

Source: Skepticism: Why critical thinking makes you smarter

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  • Recognizing your own biases and those of others, avoiding echo chambers, actively seeking out opposing voices, and asking smart, testable questions are a few of the ways that skepticism can be a useful tool for learning and growth.

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This is why I like “good” Conspiracy Theories.  One can ask smart, testable questions that will uncover the objective truth!

Cui bono.

That’s my personal favorite.

The recent Cuomo twin pr disaster of sex and nursing home deaths points to the value of this question.  Cuomo, who I believe was regarded as 2024 Presidential material, was eliminated by these “revelations”.  Who benefitted?  Number on on the list has to be VP Kamla Harris.

Prove me wrong?


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