The Next Welfare Program – The Daily Reckoning

UBI is an idea gaining traction among those given to believing impossible things — college professors.And politicians.The fellow with stars in his eyes… is often the fellow with rocks in his head.Under UBI, the government would guarantee every working-age American a basic standard of living.No string would come attached to this pretty peach… no proof of want… no questions whatsoever.Assume, for example, that a strong-backed fellow can find employment moving furniture.But the job demands an early rise… and he finds that dozing until noon better suits him.Would this layabout receive a check?Yes he would.

Source: The Next Welfare Program – The Daily Reckoning

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Subsidizing “welfare queens”?  Again!

The only way this flies if ALL other welfare programs are completely eliminated and all the bureaucrats are put on the street to look for work.  No unemployment insurance for 99 weeks  — that goes away with the Universal Basic Income.  No welfare  — no food stamps, no WIC, no retraining  — no nothing.

Some how I don’t the politicians and bureaucrats will make the trade.

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