Glendale, AZ neighbor collects over 40 bikes for those in need

Have you used Nextdoor to help collect donation items before? Hillcrest Ranch resident Michelle hadn’t until recently when she was looking to donate bikes to St. Vincent de Paul, and was pleasantly surprised at the response! As part of National Bike Month, Michelle was looking to collect bikes to donate to the St.

Source: Glendale, AZ neighbor collects over 40 bikes for those in need

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What a great combination of technology and human needs!

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Password Formulas Don’t Fool Hackers

Every time we write about passwords on Lifehacker, a few readers share their secret formula for creating passwords. According to Ryan Merchant, senior manager at the password manager Dashlane , those formulas are easy to hack. Dashlane recently analyzed 61 million passwords from years of large data breaches—passwords that are available to many security researchers, hackers, and even the public.

Source: Password Formulas Don’t Fool Hackers

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Been saying that for years.  My favorite is LASTPASS.


The Elephant in the Room: Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About the Link Between Psychiatric Medications and Mass Shootings?

The “March For Our Lives” gun-grabbers have convinced themselves that the only way to stop mass shootings in the United States is to prohibit law-abiding Americans from owning firearms. But what these brainwashed leftists fail (or willfully refuse) to acknowledge is the fact that almost every major shooting incident that’s occurred in recent years is directly tied to the perpetrators’ use of mind-altering pharmaceuticals.

Source: The Elephant in the Room: Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About the Link Between Psychiatric Medications and Mass Shootings?

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The NRA, GOA, and gun owners in general have been yelling about this for decades!


Thank you from AARP Feedback

Thank you for completing our survey!

We know we can improve, and we are going to take action on your feedback.

In the meantime, manage how we communicate with you to ensure you are only hearing from us on topics that interest you. 

Take advantage of your age and experience to expand your possibilities. AARP is more than just discounts and lobbying for senior citizens. See more at and download the AARP NOW app at

Source: Thank you from AARP Feedback

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I really object to the far left liberal political agenda that you push for. I don’t think that you should advocate for things that will bankrupt the posterity of the USA. You should be advocating for a strong fiscal discipline in Congress, against the inflationary Federal Reserve policies, and programs like Obama/SCOTUS/Trump care. We can do so much better and seniors are not a homogeneous class of people. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme that transfers wealth from poor minority men to rich white women. As such, you should be championing reform into Individual Social Security Accounts just like a 401k. If Chile could do it in the 70’s, why can’t we do it now.

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TECHNOLOGY: “Don’t be evil” should be “Don’t be stupid”!



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SM Boyd via Google News Help Forum <>
3:14 AM (5 hours ago)
to Google

From these posts and many others I’ve seen, Google clearly has NO idea what people were doing with their Google News pages. Google News used to be my home page, but that will change as of tomorrow. I have no use for half of the topics Google THINKS I do, and I have not been able to understand Google’s need to change for the sake of changing over the past few years. It seems as though Google is screwing up their products because “NEW & IMPROVED!!!” is only coming from the GoogleBubble. From all the data I know Google collects, you would think they would know how users are using their products.

To screw up something as basic as a News webpage leaves me wondering if I shouldn’t move away from Google products altogether. Gmail, maps etc. There is never a warning that something fundamental is going to change, it just happens, and users are left wondering how to recover what they’ve set up. I notice Google has demoted the famous “Don’t Be Evil” motto, maybe it’s time for a new one to live by: “Don’t Be Stupid.” They keep shooting themselves in the foot, but the billions keep rolling in, so I guess the actual users don’t matter. Whatever. The internet is much more than Google.

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Maybe this isn’t the biggest tech blunder since IBM ceded the PC to Microsoft or “No one would want a computer in the home”?

But then again, maybe it is.

I was moving from the Apple ecosystem to Google’s.  Maybe like  other feedbackers, I have to completely rethink that?

Like the last election,  Which is the prettiest horse in the glue factory coral.” Google versus Apple? Gasp, maybe even Microsoft gets in the running?


Google, don’t be stupid!

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