TINFOILHAT: The Murder of Martin Luther King Jr. — How to expose the truth?


The Murder of Martin Luther King Jr.: How the Myths Were Created and Sustained for Fifty Years
By Phillip F. Nelson
April 28, 2018

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Huie, and later the numerous other authors repeating his fiction, made a series of bald-faced lies, even referencing a series of news articles that purportedly stated things that they provably did not. When the earliest books were written—two to eight years after the murder of Dr. King—Huie counted on his hope that no one would track down the articles he cited.  These were not inadvertent mistakes; they were coldly calculated untruths, meant to transform a common man capable of relatively minor unlawful acts into a vicious murderer and stalker, which he was not.

Fortunately for truth-finders (but unfortunately for Huie’s scions and apologists) those lies have been revealed by something Huie had, during his own lifetime, no reason to fear: The existence of something called the Internet, which came along a few decades later, and made it easy to prove his key assertions were untrue.  Within Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr.? The Case Against Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover, it will be shown how the original distortions were accomplished, and why, as we demolish the foundation upon which they were constructed.  In its place, a compelling and corrected account will be presented, one which conforms to the truth as revealed in the accounts by the truth-telling researchers—Weisberg, Lane & Gregory, Melanson, Emison, Ray, Barsten and many other contributors—as noted above.

The larger perspective of the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.—as designed, plotted and executed by the highest-level men at the top of the hierarchy, at the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and White House—will be presented, conclusively proving that it could only have originated with the instigation of J. Edgar Hoover and Lyndon B. Johnson.  Their direct ties to the key actors—Johnson’s well-established linkage to Tennessee Governor Buford Ellington and Ray’s attorney Percy Foreman, and Hoover’s ties to Memphis Police and Fire Department Commissioner Frank Holloman, for example—are the glue that held the plot together in real time and now provide the proof of all the other connected links that ensured its success.

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It’s no fun being the curmudgeon who doesn’t believe anyone anymore; maybe ever again.

Just a quick review of the facts presented — like the picture of how the shot was taken — begins my suspicion. 

We KNOW that LBJ and the Deep State was up to their elbows in the JFK assassination.  So it’s not a huge leap of faith to say this killing needs a expose before it’s too late.


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