Coffee shop refuses to serve man after racist rant

After confirming he has a problem with that, he says, “I don’t like it, that’s why. I don’t like your religion, it says to kill me.”

Source: Coffee shop refuses to serve man after racist rant

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No place in America for a religious bigot like this fool. Other countries have have religious wars. We don’t need that here. If a woman wants to cover, then that’s her choice. It doesn’t matter what I think of the practice. I want religious freedom for her just like I want it for myself and every individual. If I was a patron, I hope I would have spoke up for all of us. Argh!

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Anna Jarvis’ Big Mistake

Jarvis responded by denouncing any commercialization of Mother’s Day, thinking any attempt to make money off of Mother’s Day – even if it was for a good cause – was wrong and not in the spirit of the thing. After all, something like a hand written note expressing your personal feelings is far superior, in her opinion, than some store bought card.

Source: Anna Jarvis’ Big Mistake

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Heard this a few decades ago from a smart lady at Merrill Lynch was positive that “Mothers’ Day” was a giant conspiracy to milk the general public.  After reading this, maybe she was correct!

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NBC 2018-2019 Schedule: ‘New Amsterdam’ Lands Post ‘This Is Us’ Slot – Variety

Unveiling its fall 2018-2019 schedule, NBC is giving freshman medical drama “New Amsterdam” a big vote of confidence.

Source: NBC 2018-2019 Schedule: ‘New Amsterdam’ Lands Post ‘This Is Us’ Slot – Variety

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New shows? What gets dumped to make room?

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Huge diabetes breakthrough shocks scientists

Of 493 people who took the survey, 316 provided enough information to be included in the analysis. For 138 of these participants, the researchers were able to confirm diabetes diagnosis, blood-sugar control measures, metabolic health measures and other outcomes with health care providers or through review of medical records. Forty-two percent of participants were children.

Source: Huge diabetes breakthrough shocks scientists

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Too little to late for my purposes.

We need more accurate medical info sooner.

Get the Gooferment out of medicine!

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New York City music teacher found dead in Upstate New York a week after going missing | Fox News

A New York City music teacher who went missing about a week ago was found dead Saturday in a wooded area in upstate New York near a hiking trail, police said.

Source: New York City music teacher found dead in Upstate New York a week after going missing | Fox News

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​Exposure cited; seem like unnecessary death. Wonder what he was prepared for?

Requiescat In Pacem.

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Follow the 5-to-1 Rule for Packaged Foods |

As fiber intake goes up, the risk of metabolic syndrome appears to go down, with less inflammation and an apparent step-wise drop in obesity risk. It’s therefore no surprise that greater dietary fiber intake is associated with a lower risk of heart disease: There is a 9 percent lower risk for every additional 7 grams a day of total fiber consumed, which is just some rice and beans or a few servings of fruits and veggies.

Source: Follow the 5-to-1 Rule for Packaged Foods |

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If everybody ate better, then imagine all the sickness could be avoided?

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INSPIRATIONAL: Seems like it always comes back to the same thing … … …

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This is the foundation of every success theory ever written. It’s the “eat healthier; exercise more” of self-help. It’s also where most people fail, because the mind is a fickle, petulant child that hates discipline. To clarify, “control your mind” means…

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Doesn’t it always?

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