Maybe I shouldn’t smash critics, but I can’t help it

But the crazier and more irrational it is, the more the state thrives on it — because the more coercion, propaganda, and state-sponsored groupthink it will take to engineer people’s agreement.Incidentally, this is why the state loves “equality” — a concept so compendiously broad that its definition can be endlessly expanded. The state grows ever more powerful and intrusive in pursuit of equality’s ceaseless demands.Equality can never be attained, for the very moment after we achieve it, when someone first voluntarily transacts with someone else, resources will have been shifted around and “equality” will already have been disturbed.That’s why the state loves it.And that’s why the state loves LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP. The more letters, the more bizarre to bourgeois sensibilities, the better. That means that in order to impose it, the state will get to flex — and bulk up — its muscles.

Source: Maybe I shouldn’t smash critics, but I can’t help it

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The Gooferment, and its monopolies, is the problem.  “They” are not here to help.  Just attempting to control and manipulate “We, The Sheeple” to maintain their power positions that feather their nests at everyone else’s expense.


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