The civilization wreckers’ next target

Connecticut just became the tenth blue state to pledge to cast its electoral votes for whichever presidential candidate wins the popular vote nationally.


Because according to the measure’s proponents, the electoral college — along with everything else that’s more than 10 minutes old — is backward and stupid.

Source: The civilization wreckers’ next target

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Why we shouldn’t subvert the Dead Old White Guys’ “Electoral College”!

Take a look at the post Dead Old White Guys’ First Ten and see how they screwed up the country. Some are confused and confusing (i.e., the 14th) — subject to misinterpretation; at least one was stupidly wrong (i.e., the 18th) — lead to organized crime that even the 21st couldn’t fix; and the biggest disaster (i.e., the 17th) — direct election of Senators — that deprived the States from preventing the Federal Gooferment from unfunded mandates and “buying” States cooperation with “Other People’s Money”.

Now we complain about “too much money in politics”, just repeal the 17th! Put the State Legislators back on the hot seat. Argh!

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