GOVERNACIDE: Alfie Evans — a STOP sign on the way to US “single payer” health care

Alfie Evans: Another Child Sacrifice on Britain’s NHS Altar
By Joe Herring American Thinker — April 28, 2018

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Like the Nuremburg laws that made the atrocities of the Nazis all perfectly legal, even obligatory, England has adopted legislation that permits the doyens of the NHS to abrogate the rights of both patient and family with little more than a formal request to supine family courts, increasingly eager to burnish the reputation of their empty-suit, single-payer health care system. 

Alfie suffers from a degenerative brain disorder of unknown origin, and it is the opinion of his medical team at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Pediatric Hospital that little of his brain remains and that further treatment or life-sustaining efforts would not be in the child’s “best interests.”

In Britain’s socialized medical system, second opinions are typically given by other NHS physicians, chosen not by the parents or the patient, but by the attending physician who gave the first opinion.  Unsurprisingly, second opinions in the NHS rarely overturn the first.  In this case, however, Alfie’s parents were able to force the hospital to release records for outside review.

Unsurprisingly, Alder Hey’s prognosis has not been confirmed by outside medical professionals.  Indeed, numerous outside experts vehemently disagree with Alder Hey’s conclusions.

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Has anyone seen the similarity between Obama / SCOTUS / Trump care and the VA, the Indian Healthcare “don’t get sick after July” system, Medicare, and Medicaid?

It’s not about “health”, “health care”, “health care insurance”, or something else!

It’s about control.

Everyone derided Sarah Palin’s “death panels”.  But she WAS spot on.  

If you think about money as “society’s IOUs”, then you should get all the “medical care” you’ve earned or can get by ‘go fundme”.

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