INTERESTING: Why “we” might have become “risk adverse”?

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The Innovation Paradox 
By all appearances, we’re in a golden age of innovation. Every month sees new advances in artificial intelligence, gene therapy, robotics and software apps. Research and development as a share of gross domestic product is near an all-time high. But none of this has translated into meaningful advances in Americans’ standard of living. Our “Innovation Paradox” series explores the forces at play, from increased regulatory hurdles to greater risk-aversion. We examine why Silicon Valley giants often stumble in the world beyond software and how Big Pharma has had to re-engineer how it finds treatments. We also report that businesses and governments alike are turning the search for innovative ideas into prize-worthy puzzles. Beijing, meanwhile, is spending billions on moonshot projects. View the complete series and our interviews with pioneers in science, medicine and technology here.

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IF “we” have become “risk adverse”, THEN I believe it’s due to Gooferment Skrules, the Gooferment, “Secular Progressives”, and the “Everyone gets a trophy” meme.

Why swing for the stars if your accused of hateful behavior? I read and hear stories of smart Americans, who happen to be black, and who achieve, are accused of “betraying their race”, “acting white”, or being an “oreo”. Nerds, other than on “The Big Bang Theory” #TBBT, are ridiculed. 

On a personal note, as a Catholic school boy, the Good Nuns and Brothers always DEMANDED nothing less than our best. Sometimes with regrettable physical consequences. (I felt that was a way too much. Guess because I was “encouraged” to often for my tastes.

In my book, “CHURCH 10●19●62”, I wrote: “Catholic school taught them that it was their obligation, and could even be a mortal sin, if you didn’t use all your talents to the greater glory of God.” — “Chapter Fifty — Samaritans going to Jericho / Monday November 5, 1962 – Church Day + 17 (continues)” CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 1 Page 296


So, that might why “we” might be a little tired and unimmaginative?

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