VETERANS: I didn’t know about the Arlington Ladies

Saturday, November 19, 2016

At Arlington National Cemetery, America’s heroes are never buried alone
Published November 11, 2016

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Whether it’s in the rain, snow or sweltering heat, no matter what branch of America’s armed services is being honored at Arlington National Cemetery, there is one thing that remains constant – they will never be buried alone.

The fallen servicemen and women’s funerals are attended daily by the Arlington Ladies, a group of volunteers who cover all Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard burials at the historic cemetery in Virginia.

“Some veterans or their families learn about the Arlington Ladies and think that they need to schedule us, and that is never the case,” Air Force Arlington Lady Sandra Griffin said in an AARP video released this week in honor of Veterans Day. “Regardless of the situation whether there is family or not, we’ll always be there,” she said.

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On any given weekday at Arlington, as many as 30 war dead and veterans are laid to rest, according to AARP Bulletin.

In addition to the funeral rituals of a honor guard, rifle volley, the playing of taps and the presentation of a folded American flag, the Arlington Ladies speak to the families of the fallen and hand over envelopes to their next of kin.

Inside the envelopes? A condolence card from the armed service’s chief of staff and a handwritten note from the Arlington Lady, usually written after researching the service member’s life online.

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Well done, ladies. At a time when talk is cheap, their actions say it all.

Brings a tear to the eye of this grumpy fat old white guy injineer.

As I’ve said before, when there is a KIA, the funeral should be attended by the politicians that “represent” that “casualty”. That means both of the Senators and the Representative should meet the family and grieve with them. Maybe then they’d be more considerate of how they use them as props for their political ambitions and “great” ideas.


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