POLITICAL: The wisdom of the Dead Old White Guys

Friday, November 18, 2016


108,600 Votes Swing 46 Electoral College Votes to Donald Trump

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Trump won Pennsylvania, with its 20 electoral college votes, by 68,236 votes, Wisconsin, with its 10 electoral college votes, by 27,257 votes, and Michigan, with its 16 electoral college votes, by 13,107 votes.

Had those 108,600 votes gone to Hillary Clinton, she would have won the presidency with a a 278 to 260 electoral college victory over Trump.

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You have to admire the wisdom of the Dead Old White Guys.

They constructed a system that made politicians pay attention to the small states.

Stuff all the ballot boxes in Chicago. Have all the dead folks vote in California and New York. Fudge the all the polls. Slant the news. 

It doesn’t matter if a politician ignores “electoral map”, they will lose. 

Pretty sharp system to ensure a “national fairness”!

Of course, now the losers want to do away with it for a straight popular vote. And if that happens, let the stuffing begin!

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