GOVEROTRAGEOUS: The FBI has lost its reputation!

What Happened to the FBI?
By Andrew P. Napolitano
October 27, 2016

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Why did this case go sideways?

Did President Obama fear being a defense witness at Hillary Clinton’s criminal trial? Did he so fear being succeeded in office by Donald Trump that he ordered the FBI to exonerate Clinton, the rule of law be damned? 

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We KNOW that Robert Stack,Jimmy Stewart, and Efram Zimbalist Jr. propagandized the image of the FBI.

And, the FBI may have done good work once upon a time. But, now that is gone forever.

The question is what does this turn into?

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Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

FUN: The Cubs “curse”?

Is the Cubs curse back? Famous fans watch as Chicago team falls 3-1 to the Indians in their historic battle to win the World Series

By REUTERS and ASSOCIATED PRESSPUBLISHED: 23:22 EST, 29 October 2016 | UPDATED: 01:15 EST, 30 October 2016

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The Cubs, appearing in the World Series for the first time in 71 years and looking for their first title since 1908, were on the brink of elimination after a lackluster display in their second successive loss before a hushed Wrigley Field crowd. 

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Of course, the article never mentions the curse. How can we decide if it’s back if it’s not explained.

Does any rational being believe in “curses”? I thought the highpoint of this particular meme (i.e., a paradigm spread like a gene or virus from person to person) was Salem Witchcraft.

Last I looked the alchemists hadn’t change lead into gold. And heaven help us if they do.

As a fat old white guy injineer, I believe in facts and evidence.

No excuse me while I sprinkle some of that spilled salt over my left shoulder.

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HARDWARE: My first night with a BPAP machine

For those that know me, I don’t sleep well. And, evidently, I was getting worse.

I bought a FITBIT Surge for the “sleep stats” it would give me. Being an ingineer, I like “evidence based” decisions.

The initial results were troubling — 100+ steps in my sleep, terrible awake / restless numbers, and the “heart rate” was in the 80 to 120 range. The pattern continued.


So off to the doc I went.

After an initial visit and screening, a sleep study was ordered.

(Giant PIA)

That reported that I had very bad sleep apnea where I was over “60”. That meant I was breathing 60+ times per hour. (That’s scary!)

So a machine was ordered. 

I was pretty skeptical until a friend related her relative’s experience — untreated, diagnosed later with a n enlarged heart due to the struggle to supply oxygenated blood to the body, he went on to heart problems with a long list of drugs, complications, and hospitalizations, leading to eventual death from a heart attack.

That got my attention.

So, what were my “results” from the first night?

2016 10Oct 27 FITBIT  12016 10Oct 27 FITBIT  2

I’d say that was a dramatic improvement.

I’d agree that having a “headset on your nose” is a “pain in the a double q”, but it seems worthwhile.

SO, for those that snore, here’s some anecdotal evidence that you should look into it further.

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POLITICAL: IF HRC has Parkinson’s … … …

‘It’s pretty obvious that her mental faculties are considerably impaired’

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But as Dr. Ted Noel points out, the biggest difference is that neither withered leg muscles nor Addison’s disease (leaving aside the fact that Addison’s Disease is now treated by replacing adrenal hormones) directly effects judgement, response times, violent mood swings, or the ability to think clearly.

Parkinson’s Disease often does.

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If she has Parkinson’s, then she is unfit for the Presidency.
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LIBERTARIAN: Little L libertarianism in ten questions and answers

A new worldview in ten questions and answers

By Perry Willis 

1. What is crime?

Crime is the initiation of force or fraud against others.

2. What is government?

Government, properly understood, has one primary function — to use force defensively to fight criminals, foreign or domestic.

3. What is The State?

The State is an institution that commits crimes (initiates force) under the guise of providing governance. As such, The State is the opposite of government. Therefore, to be pro-government you must be anti-state.

4. What is a statist?

statist is a person who advocates statism (see the next question).

5. What is statism?

Statism is the belief that it’s okay for The State to commit crimes (initiate force) so long as the statist favors the purpose of the crime. In other words, to the statist, his or her good intentions justify the use of criminal means.

6. What do libertarians want?

Libertarians want legitimate government. That means institutions of governance that only use force defensively. To a voluntaryist libertarian this means…

All government must be voluntarily funded, and anyone can compete to provide governmental services. For instance…

  • You could pay the city police to patrol your neighborhood, or you could a hire a firm to do it.
  • You could decide to only use drugs that undergo FDA testing, or you could prefer products certified by Underwriters Laboratory, NSF, or some other testing company.
  • You could give your money to HUD, or Habitat for Humanity, or some other cause entirely.

7. Why would this work better?

Violence-based funding insulates statist institutions from the need to perform well. They get paid whether they do a good job or not. Even worse, they actually get increased budgets when they fail. Voluntary funding and competition would compel governmental institutions to do a good job. This approach would give us consumer controlled government, instead of political government.

8. What’s the difference between political government and consumer controlled government?

You have far more power as a consumer than as a voter. You can fire any company at any time, but with political government you must gain the permission of a majority of your neighbors to cause any change. Consumer controlled government will give more people more of what they want more often. It will commit crimes against no one. Consumer controlled government is superior, both morally and practically.

9. What if voluntary funding doesn’t provide enough money?

The question is backward. The amount of government needed should be determined by what people are willing to fund, NOT by what politicians want to impose.

10.. What is the path to such a society?

Resolve to initiate force against no one, personally or politically. Pursue your goals and promote your preferences using only non-violent persuasion and voluntary cooperation.

Does this way of thinking intrigue you? Want to learn more or participate in creating such a society? Then google the Zero Aggression Project.

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An excellent summary of my thinking too.

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ENGINEERING: Aren’t “wrong way” accidents preventable?

Oct 24, 12:20 PM EDT

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MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — State police say five young adults have died in a fiery wrong-way crash on a southeastern Massachusetts highway.

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At the very least, can’t those “wrong way” tire destroyers that are use in parking lots be deployed at entrances and exits to the interstates?

Maybe every so often in the main road way?

Triggered by motion detectors?

Activate “lane closed” and “roadway closed” warning lights?


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GOVEROTRAGEOUS: I think the SF “building department” is useless

The leaning tower of San Francisco: The $350 million luxury high-rise Millennium Tower is SINKING 

  • The Millennium Tower, in San Franciso, has already sunk 16 inches since it was completed seven years ago
  • The $350 million building has also begun to tilt –  and now has a six-inch lean at the top of the tower
  • Leaked documents show the city’s Department of Building Inspection and developer Millennium Partners were aware it was sinking faster than anticipated before it opened in late 2009 but didn’t make it public 
  • Engineers hired to assess the problem have said that it shows no immediate sign of stopping

By HANNAH PARRY FOR DAILYMAIL.COMPUBLISHED: 00:54 EST, 24 October 2016 | UPDATED: 03:35 EST, 24 October 2016

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Pamela Buttery noticed something peculiar six years ago while practicing golf putting in her 57th-floor apartment at the luxurious building. The ball kept veering to the same corner of her living room.

Those were the first signs for residents of the sleek, mirrored high-rise that something was wrong. 

‘What concerns me most is the tilting,’ says Buttery, 76, a retired real estate developer. ‘Is it safe to stay here? For how long?’

*** end quote ***

Wow, there’s a “engineering blunder” as Brother Austin Barry would say.

I assume that the lawsuits will begin immediately!

Feel sorry for anyone who bought one after it was discovered but before it became public knowledge.


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