POLITICAL: Will the sheeple do back to sleep after the election?


The Regime’s Reckoning
By Jack Kerwick
October 17, 2016

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If the left and the neocon alt-left in Washington and the media think that a defeat at the polls for Trump is going to spell defeat for the movement that his candidacy brought to the fore, then they are even more delusional than we think.  Most Americans, regardless of party, distrust the media.  The tens of millions of Americans who found a voice in Trump despise it.  Whether Trump wins or loses on November 8, but especially if he loses, Trump’s impassioned base will hold the Regime’s court-appointed hacks accountable.  If he loses and Hillary Clinton proves to be the disastrous president that we know she will be, the contempt on the part of Trump supporters toward the faux journalists and commentators will only intensify.*** end quote


Once awakened, the sheeple will NOT go quietly back to the sheep pen to be clipped or turned into lamb chops!


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