INSPIRATIONAL: Jimmy Stewart’s agony

EXCLUSIVE: How Jimmy Stewart’s agony in It’s a Wonderful Life came from extreme PTSD he suffered after he lost 130 of his men as fighter pilot in WWII

  • Actor Jimmy Stewart was haunted by his memories from his time in the Air Force and suffered from PTSD when he returned from World War II
  • Stewart wrestled with the guilt of killing civilians in bomb raids over France and Germany and felt responsible for the death of his comrades
  • Stewart never talked about his struggles and bottled up his emotions
  • But they came out when acting parts he chose when he returned to Hollywood
  • He tapped into his emotional distress during filming of  It’s a Wonderful Life, where his character George Bailey unravels in front of his family
  • Stewart’s anguish is laid bare for the first time in Mission: Jimmy Stewart and the fight for Europe by author Robert Matzen

PUBLISHED: 14:18 EST, 6 October 2016 | UPDATED: 02:46 EST, 7 October 2016

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It’s hard to imagine a better kept secret. Maybe a better kept secret was that all the romantic leads in 50’s Hollywood were gay or sex creeps.


Bombing civilians is crushing burden. We see something similar from today’s drone pilots. 


What can we do? Stop killing civilians? Stop get involved in other people’s business? MYOB as a foreign policy. 

Maybe some day we will learn. 

Dona Nobis Pacem

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