GOVERNACIDE: Fukushima a Gooferment disaster

Fukushima frozen in time: How the uninhabitable exclusion zone remains untouched, five years after tsunami caused Japanese nuclear plant disaster 

  • The area around Fukushima’s reactor was evacuated in April 2011 and is still cordoned off to the public 
  • It followed the 8.9 magnitude Tohoku earthquake which led to a tsunami which partly flooded the plant
  • This led to the failure of several coolant water pumps, which prevented the reactor from overheating 
  • In February three Tokyo Electric Power Company executives were charged with professional negligence 

PUBLISHED: 08:46 EDT, 2 November 2016 | UPDATED: 07:50 EDT, 3 November 2016

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Sorry, but the Gooferment approved all these disastrous decisions. And absolved the “company” from liability. So, as usual, the people absorb the burnt of the costs.

Who is the genius that made these decisions?

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