INTERESTING: How did they tell time?

How Did Native Americans Keep Time Without A Watch (Or Calendar)?
Written by: Tammy Robinso

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In today’s modern world, it is easy to tell time. There are clocks on buildings, billboards, cell phones and microwave ovens. Then there’s the old-fashioned grandfather clock in the hallway.

But what if you didn’t have a watch? What would you do then?

And if you didn’t have a calendar, would you know when winter was coming? When it was the appropriate “time” to plant? To harvest? How old you are? How long would it take for you to “forget” to mark down a day or several days, or several weeks, thus obscuring even your age?

Native people had certain signs that they relied on and they actually had a very good sense of “time” — even though it differs from what we would consider time today.

White Man’s Time Clock

For many tribes, the clock – the one the Europeans used and brought to America — was a strange thing that was not easily understood. Some tribes thought that since the clock moved on its own and that it sometimes made sounds, it was a living thing.

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It really is an insightful question. People work themselves to death by the clock.

Perhaps it’s better to ignore “time” and focus on “life”?

I often rant about Time Zones and Daylight Savings Time. Is this the meme that illustrates how crazy our species is?

Do we needlessly complicate “life” by our paradigms and memes on “time”?

Imagine the simplicity of a “universal time zone” like GMT. It just means that a nine to five job in New York would be a “Two to 10”. Each of the current time zones would just adjust their labels. And no more confusion as to what time is the there!


And DST is just stupid and kills people.

Not likely to change but it does give us an interesting insight.

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