GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Seaside Heights may never recovery its former glory

4 years after storm, some places changed by Sandy forever
Published October 28, 2016  Associated Press

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NEW YORK –  For four years, people have worked hard and mostly successfully to erase the deep scars Superstorm Sandy left on the New York and New Jersey coastlines when it crashed ashore with deadly force on Oct. 29, 2012.

But recovery will never come to Oakwood Beach, among several places along the coast that have seen permanent changes wrought by the storm.

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In Seaside Heights, made infamous by the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore,” authorities still plan to rebuild an amusement park that had its roller coaster swept into the surf by the storm. But the town gave up on returning the park to a pier that jutted out into the water, opting instead for a new location on the beach.

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Seaside Heights NJ 08751 will never be the same. It may never regain it past “glory”. Even though it survived MTV’s “Jersey Shore” reality show — where Brooklyn studs and sluts were portrayed as “Jerzee”. Argh!

Note the Gooferment / Statist language in the article.

Like “authorities still plan” and “the town gave up”!


Neither the citizens of nor the taxpayers to the “Borough of Seaside Heights” were ever polled. In fact, continuing a town tradition of rule by the elite, in the days after the storm, property “owners” were prevented from reentry. Who knows what happened during those weeks? But we do know from news footage that the boardwalk owners met often with the “town officials” about what would happen.


It’s a sad state of affairs when the Sheeple are treated so badly.

Another time when I’m not so aggrieved, let’s talk about the phony “Federal Flood Insurance” program and the fraud it is. 


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“If I could do one thing and wave a magic wand, I would eliminate the national flood insurance program,” he said to cheers from some of those who protested him minutes earlier. “They won’t let us regulate them … and they dominate the market.” — Gov. Chris Christie 

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