TINFOILHAT: The “killing” of OBL


The Osama bin Laden Myth

by Paul Craig Roberts

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Although only a few Americans are aware of the September 28, 2001 interview in which bin Laden states his non-involvement with the 9/11 attacks, many Americans have seen post-2001 videos in which a person alleged to be bin Laden takes credit for the attacks. There are two problems with these videos. Experts have examined them and found them to be fakes, and all of the videos appeared after bin Laden was reported by the Pakistan Observer, the Egyptian press, and Fox News to have died in mid-December, 2001, from lung disease. See also.

Bin Laden also suffered from kidney disease. According to a CBS news report on January 28, 2002, Osama bin Laden was hospitalized for dialysis treatment in the Pakistani military hospital in Rawalpindi on September 10, 2001, the day before 9/11.

Obviously, a man suffering from terminal lung and kidney disease did not survive for another decade to be murdered by a US Navy SEAL team in Abbottabad. A Pakistani TV interview with the neighbor of the alleged “bin Laden compound” exposed the assassination hoax. This sensational interview also went unreported by america’s “free press.” I had the interview translated, and it is available here. See also.

Shortly after the alleged assassination 30 members of the SEAL unit died in a mysterious helicopter crash in Afghanistan, and now we learn that not a single one of the thousands of sailors on the aircraft carrier, the USS Carl Vinson, witnessed bin Laden’s alleged burial at sea from that ship. The press reports with a straight face that for unexplained reasons it was kept secret from the ship’s sailors. This is supposed to be the explanation of the sailors’ emails reporting to family and friends that they witnessed no burial at sea. Some speculate that the SEALs were bumped off before their questions to one another, “Were you on that raid?,” reached outside the unit. Apparently, it doesn’t strike the media or the public as strange that the US government captured and killed the terror mastermind without interrogating him and without keeping any evidence or presenting any witnesses to support the assassination claim.

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Here’s a more logical explanation of why there was no interrogation of  this valuable intelligence asset.


2 thoughts on “TINFOILHAT: The “killing” of OBL

  1. I think I pointed out that this story put out by the Administration and promulgated by the Big Lapdog Media did NOT make sense. Come on you were in intelligence. NO asset was disposed of until it had been sliced, diced, wrung dry, and every nuance evaluated. Yet, slam bam, thank you mame, this guy is killed when he could have been captured. And, the Seal Team that did it dies in crash. And, that doesn’t even raise an eyebrow with anyone. Personally, the Indian had it right when he said: White Man speak with forked tongue.” Like that TV judge say: “I wouldn’t believe you if your tongue came notarized.” You my friend are way to trusting. But then you’re an upstate boy and didn’t grow up in the city. LOL!

  2. LoL .. I have been waiting for this. I wondered how long it was going to take the ‘conspiracy junkies’ to come out of the cave. What next? The moon is made of cheese?

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