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Dear Usual:

The tragedy in MA is a direct result of what I call “wishful thinking” aka “the Tooth Fairy will make it all better”. The world is a dangerous place. But what passes for political leadership in the USA engages in it regularly. They passed the “gun free schools” legislation and the problem is solved. That works so well for drug prohibition.

Thirty years ago, the Israelis solved their “school security” problem by REQUIRING teachers and school staff to be armed. Further they had their IDF train civilian grandparents in proper weapons and started a program of “school volunteers”. Problem solved. THe terrorists moved on to “softer targets”.

In MA, instead of the principal attempting a “bull rush” on the active shooter, wouldn’t you have trusted her with a weapon to return fire. I’m confident that she would have made the right choices. But the federal law denied even that possibility.

I’m not a fan of the NRA because they give in. This is NOT about hunting; this is about rights. Ask the German Jews, the Armenians, the Cambodians about the results of being disarmed. Oh yeah, you can’t they are most all DEAD. The literature is ripe with stories about a single weapon stopping or minimzing a massacre. We never hear where things are stopped without a shot being fired. Why is that? Because it doesn’t fit the Big Media’s planned left wing agenda.

Sorry to interrupt your holiday with some tough talk. But, Joe Biden, the author of the failed “Assault Weapons Ban” (i.e., ban guns that look scary despite the fact that they weren’t the ones used in any of the incidents), is coming back with his recommendations. Guess what those will be? I’ll bet a paycheck it is NOT repeal the “Guns Free School Zone” law.

Please like GOA on Facebook. It’s free. Consider joing GOA. If you’re of a mind to it, visit a range and squeeze off a box. (They rent guns by the hour and sell the bullets. They’ll even give you a lesson if needed.)

So, keep your finger off the trigger and on the keyboards to let the politicians know you care. (Even if you don’t. Make them worry.)


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From: Gun Owners of America <>

Date: Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 10:17 PM

Subject: GOA Defending Your Rights on the Firing Line

To: Ferdinand Reinke

Gun Owners of America

GOA Defending Your Rights

on the Firing Line

CNN’s Piers Morgan slams

Larry Pratt and all gun owners

In case you missed it, Piers Morgan called GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt and his Second Amendment friends “idiots” on Tuesday night.

Yes, Piers thinks you’re an idiot.

But Pratt ruffled Piers’ feathers by shooting back, telling him that “Brits like him” just don’t like listening to facts.

Gun Owners of America has been out front defending your gun rights and has appeared on scores of media outlets all across the country — and even across the world.

Some of the notable highlights include:

GOA’s Larry Pratt on Piers Morgan on Tuesday night

Director of Communications Erich Pratt in US News & World Report

And Larry Pratt again with the opposing view piece for USA Today on Monday.

Make no mistake about it! We are in the fight of our lives.

Barack Obama has made it his central priority to destroy us. And he and his anti-gun allies have billions of dollars of support from the TV, print, and cable media.

Obama will start out trying to ban semi-automatics, magazines and gun shows. But make no mistake about it. Obama’s initial efforts to crush us will just be the first step to making the entire country a replica of Chicago -– complete with across-the-board gun bans and defenseless citizens.

Julian Epstein, an MSNBC commentator, candidly revealed that the point of Obama’s campaign was not any particular piece of legislation, but rather to “break the back” of the gun lobby.

You can be sure of this: The battle against Obama and his anti-gun stooges will be the biggest fight of our lives.

Already, Gun Owners of America has been the most prominent spokesman for the Second Amendment in the wake of the horrific Newtown tragedy.

Roll Call, the newspaper of record on Capitol Hill, remarked that, in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, “the reaction from one gun rights group [GOA] stood out.”

The liberal Huffington Post trumpeted: “Gun Owners of America steals Newtown gun debate while NRA hides.” It went on to say that “[w]hat is surprising is that [GOA Executive Director] Pratt is the only gun lobby representative willing to discuss his beliefs in public in the days after the Connecticut massacre.”

GOA has virtually been a solitary voice giving interviews all over the country –- and the world -– on behalf of gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Stand with us so that we can continue fighting against the anti-gun onslaught.

As much as anyone, we deplore the efforts of anti-gun zealots to exploit this tragedy for political gain. But if we hide in fear, we will have lost the debate and the legislative battle before even coming onto the battlefield.

We cannot let that happen.

This has not been without cost. We have received death threats against us and our children, and hundreds of profanity-laced emails. One writer said he wished our own children had died at Sandy Hook. Another said he wished that all our GOA members would “just put a gun to their heads and pull the trigger.”

But, when you stand up to sick-minded opportunistic people –- as we have –- you can expect their true colors to show through.

We hope our members are proud of us. As our legislative counsel told one liberal reporter: “I think a lot of people who see and hear us fighting, at a time when [gun control advocates] are ready for battle, they’ll remember it.”

So we need your help to keep fighting.

And we need you to fight alongside us.


(1) Go to our Facebook page at Gun Owners of America and “like” us, if you have not already. There are daily articles there that will keep you up to date with what is going on in regard to our gun rights.

(2) Please do everything you can to help us, as we work overtime during this holiday season to defend our rights.

(3) Help us recruit even more gun owners on our free email alert list. Once the new Congress is sworn-in this January, we will be fighting the biggest battle of century.

Please forward this e-mail to friends and family

Gun Owners of America

8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102

Springfield, VA 22151 703-321-8585


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