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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Case for Ebenezer

by Butler Shaffer

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Taking my client as the miserable fellow Dickens has presented him, let me be the first to admit that if Ebenezer’s obsession with materialistic pursuits rendered him an unhappy person, and were it the purposes of his detractors to help extricate him from his self-imposed miseries and to restore him to that state of happiness and innocence so common to most of us in our childhood years, no one would be happier than I. But it is not my client’s happiness that the prosecution endeavors to obtain, but his money. The case against Ebenezer Scrooge is nothing more than a well-orchestrated, vicious conspiracy to extort from my client as much of his money as can be acquired through terror, threats of his death, and other appeals to fear. The only happiness that ensued to my client from this campaign arose from the ultimate cessation of terror inflicted upon him. Like the victim of any crime, the termination of wrongdoing offers a momentary relief that can be mistaken for pleasure, but it is an illusion. Such is the only happiness that Mr. Dickens has in mind for my client.

Make no mistake about it: my client has been the victim of a cruel criminal conspiracy to extort his money, as well as of such torts as intentional infliction of emotional distress, libel and slander, trespass, assault, malicious prosecution, battery, nuisance, and false imprisonment. To that end, my client may elect to bring his own suit, but for now let us focus upon his defense to this action. As we do so, pay particular attention to the uttercontradiction underlying Dickens’ case: my client is charged with being a greedy, money-hungry scoundrel, and yet it is the conspirators against him who want nothing more thanhis money! Scrooge – unlike his antagonists – earned his money in the marketplace by satisfying the demands of customers and clients who continue to do business with him, and did not, as far as we are told, resort to terror or threats of death to get it. Perhaps Dickens does no more, here, than engage in psychological projection. In doing so, he reminds us of the definition of a “selfish” person as “one who puts his greedy interests ahead of mine!”

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And, a “bahhh humbug” to all!


GUNS: On Christmas Eve, trust but verify

Monday, December 24, 2012


Get Ready…

by eric

December 15, 2012

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A child could – should be able to – see through the infantile idiocy of banning handguns. (How’s that ban on arbitrarily illegal drugs – or murder, for that matter – working for you, Herr Schumer, Moore, et al?) People who feed on such pap are already over the event horizon and cannot be salvaged. It is the adults in the room – the people who can grasp the principle at stake – that must be the focus of our attentions. Who may still be reached before they, too, slip across the threshold and into the abyss. Taking the rest of us along with them, alas – if we fail to reach them before it’s too late.

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I personally object to calling man’s diktats from this king or any other “authority” a “LAW”.

Now the “Law of Gravity”, that’s a REAL LAW. Defy it at your peril.

The Gooferment, at any level, can’t keep drugs, cell phones, weapons, or other “contraband” out of their prisons. How can they hope to enforce any ban?

JPFO actively reminds us of what happens to a disarmed citizenry.

Remember Waco?

“Dial 911 and die”.

AND, remember that the Supreme COurt say that the State has no obligation to protect you.

SOOooo, it is up to you to protect yourself.

Arm the teachers. Arm anyone who wants to take up arms in defense of the body politic.

Let’s be at peace, by always being prepared for war.

No one loves peace more than old soldiers. So too, no one wants to be left alone than a gun owner.


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