FUN: Hat, scarf, and gloves as heart attack prevention

Woolly Hats and Heart Attacks

by Lizzie Bennett

Medically Speaking

*** begin quote ***

Each winter there is a myriad of articles published warning us about the dangers of hypothermia, how to spot it and what to do about it. There are articles warning about cold injuries such as frostbite, warnings to the elderly about the dangers of not keeping at least one room warm. Warnings to get the boiler serviced in case carbon monoxide builds up if its faulty. We are warned that we may need extra vitamins, warned to drive carefully, warned to take care if using candles and warned not to leave the lights on the Christmas tree switched on overnight. Not once, anywhere in this plethora of warnings have I heard the one that warns you that you are more likely to suffer a heart attack if you don’t wear a warm hat in cold weather.

*** end quote ***

Makes a believer out of me.

Interesting that my work location is always cold. Even in summer time.

The women are always saying it. And, recently, I couple of ties I felt it. Power of Suggestion? Anyone who knows me that I like it at “Meat Locker” temps. Wife used have a blanket when we took car trips. (Although I always thought she was being sarcastic.)

Maybe there is something to the article.

Maybe if I wear a hat, gloves, and a scarf in the office they think I’ve gone around the bend  and pay men off?

Then, it’ll off to New Hampshire to get warm.