FUN: Why do girls …

Out while being a dirty old man, a very young lady came and sat next to me. Maybe 12-14 years old. Before she sat down, she pulled up her jeans. No belt. Obviously, the pants sag as she walk. Not a hefty enough figure to hold them up. (Hey, it’s physics!)

So what’s wrong with wearing a belt or suspenders?

Just asking.

I never see Taylor Swift pull at her trou or dress. (She has people for that!)


Too old and too practical.

Gals, that tug and wiggle ain’t kool,

— 30 —

2 thoughts on “FUN: Why do girls …

  1. At that age it’s the Mom’s issue not the little girl! So Mom’s wake up! Little girls need clothes that fit the right way!

  2. “(Hey, it’s physics!)”

    When I started at MC it was as a physics major. Maybe if we’d concentrated on such feminine physics I wouldn’t have meandered my mind over to fiddling with Peace Studies. :> (So on the whole I guess it was a GOOD thing we didn’t do feminine physics! LOL!)

    Michael J. McFadden
    Peace Studies, ’73

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