RANT: Too many “centurions”?


Rory McIlroy’s mistake as Europe steal Ryder Cup after tee-time error
Late scare for Ulsterman but Europeans pull off Miracle at Medinah
By PATRICK COUNIHAN, IrishCentral Staff Writer

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Rory McIlroy was brought to Medinah in a police car – as Europe stole the Ryder Cup from under American noses!

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Television coverage listed his start time at 12:25pm but that referred to Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is 11:25am Central Time (CT).

He said: “I was just casually strolling out of my hotel room when I got a phone call saying you have 25 minutes.

“I have never been so worried driving to the course. Luckily there was a State Trooper outside who gave me the escort, if not I would not have made it on time.”

Officials confirmed that if McIlroy was two minutes late he would have forfeited the opening hole while five minutes late, he faced disqualification.

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Now bear in mind, I give not a about “golf”, Riders Cup, or any holed up competition between Europe and the USA.

I will correlate the taxpayer’s sad state in Chicago with having “centurions” standing around to provide “escorts”.

Mach nix to me.

But maybe I am just enough of grump to ask why this was provided?

If I’m late to a business meeting does any of the privileged class of our masters give a …

Well you get the idea.

I think there should be an investigation into this. Obviously, the “Statie” fails to understand his duty.


I sit here just shaking me head.


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